Xiaomi to host an event in New York on December 8 for its fans

Xiaomi fans can experience the “latest and greatest Xiaomi products” at the event, however, the location for the same is yet to be decided.

  • Published: November 7, 2018 11:30 AM IST

Chinese smartphone maker and electronics giant Xiaomi is planning to hold an event for its fans in New York on December 8. The company has not revealed the reason for the event though it claims that it will be its “biggest party yet!”. According to the details, the location of the event is yet to be decided and Xiaomi fans can experience the “latest and greatest Xiaomi products”. The fans can also meet the Xiaomi USA team along with “special guests, and notable celebrities”. The description does not hint at any smartphone or product launch.

For some context, the company already sells products including the Mi Box S, Mi Electric Scooter, Mi Power Bank Pro, and Mi Home Security Camera in the United States. According to a report by XDA Developers, the details about the event were posted in Xiaomi subreddit on Reddit by Aaron Yang, the Operational Project Manager for the North American region for Xiaomi USA. The post also includes a link where interested Xiaomi fans can register. Once the registration is done, the team will select a registered user to attend the event. The post indicated that US-based fans will be preferred.

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Though there is no indication if the company will announce the launch of its smartphones in the United States, it will be the right time for the company to do so. This is because the North American market will serve as the right spot for Xiaomi to expand as the company is already doing a good job in Asia.

The company has also gradually expanded to cover more countries this year with the latest entry in the UK and Irish markets. Xiaomi may launch the latest versions of its existing products that it already sells in the US market at the event.

  • Published Date: November 7, 2018 11:30 AM IST