XiaomiAirDots are an affordable Apple AirPods alternative priced at around $29

Xiaomi's AirDots use Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity.

  • Published: November 6, 2018 5:12 PM IST

Image Credit: PhoneRadar

Expanding its diverse portfolio of products, Xiaomi has launched the new AirDots wireless earbuds. Introduced at an even in the company’s home country of China, the earbuds are similar in design and functionality to Apple’s AirPods. However, like all Xiaomi products, they are much more affordable, priced at just RMB 199 or about Rs 2,100.

The new Xiaomi AirDots weigh 4.2 grams, and use Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity. Despite their compact size, the wireless earbuds feature noise cancellation. The AirDots come with a carry case (similar to that of Apple AirPods) that can fully charge the earbuds in 12 hours. Once juiced up, the earbuds reportedly provide a playback time of four hours.

Placing the AirDots inside the case automatically starts the charging process. Moreover, if the earbuds are powered on, keeping them inside the case powers them off automatically.

As mentioned above, Xiaomi AirDots use Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity. If the earbuds have been paired to a device previously, they automatically connect to the paired device (provided it’s within range) when powered on. The surface of both earbuds is touch-sensitive and can be used to execute actions like play/pause music, handle calls, and more.

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Xiaomi AirDots will go on sale in China from November 11. The wireless earbuds will be available through many e-tailers like Xiaomi Mall, Tmall, and Suning. That said, there’s no information (yet) as to whether the wireless earbuds will be launched in other regions around the world or not.

  • Published Date: November 6, 2018 5:12 PM IST