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Yet another Apple iPhone 6 Plus catches fire

Amid the Galaxy Note 7 wreck, iPhone 6 Plus seems to be catching the viral. After an iPhone 6 Plus caught fire in a New Jersey student’s back pocket, now a California user has reported her iPhone 6 Plus to have gone down with an explosion.


We wonder if the smartphone explosion is contagious! After the Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion debacle set in, a few iPhones have been reported to have caught fire as well. Just yesterday, an iPhone 6 Plus reportedly exploded while it was on charge. If you are thinking if the charger was fake, it was confirmed that the iPhone was being charged by an original Apple charger. The device belonged to Yvette Estrada from Fresno, California, ABC30 reports. The iPhone was connected to the power adapter that came bundled with it while Estrada was sleeping. At around 3:00AM, she was awakened by a loud noise and the smell of a burnt plastic, when she woke up to see what it was, she noticed the iPhone emitting thick, black smoke.

The report suggest, that the iPhone was completely destroyed and was rendered unusable. Estrada told the news agency that she bought her iPhone only three months ago. Post the incident, she called Apple the next day and provided them with photos of the burnt smartphone. Of course, Apple is bound to replace her unit with a new one. While Estrada was unharmed by the incident, the exploding iPhone damaged her bedside table, a pair of glasses, and an Apple Watch stand, said the report.

Like we said before, the problem of exploding phones seems to be contagious, this isn’t the first recent report of an iPhone catching fire. Last week, a New Jersey student’s iPhone 6 Plus exploded in his pocket. According to Darin Hlavaty, a student at Rowan College in Burlington County, New Jersey, his iPhone 6 Plus exploded while it was in his back pocket, piercing a hole through his jeans, and naturally, the handset was entirely damaged. The student noticed smoke coming out of his back pocket, and he realized that his phone was on fire. The publication reports that Hlavaty had been using the iPhone 6 Plus for just six months now. ALSO READ: Another Apple iPhone exploded, literally burning a hole in owner’s pocket

Recently, there was also a case involving of an iPhone 7, where a Reddit user shared a picture of his new iPhone 7 that caught fire. He shared a photo of his burnt up matte black iPhone 7, which according to the user, exploded in transit. The images posted by the user showed the deformed box inside which the iPhone 7 is claimed to have exploded. So basically, when this user received his delivery of the iPhone, he found it in the burnt state. “Something happened between the factory and delivery,” is all the phone’s owner had to say in his thread on RedditALSO READ: After Samsung Galaxy Note 7, now an Apple iPhone 7 explodes

The iPhone 7 incident could be just a case of mishandling, however, the two iPhone 6 Plus cases reek of suspicion. Both the smartphones were much less than a year old. In the case of the iPhone 6 Plus bursting into flames in the guy’s back pocket, reports suggest that it could have been because the user sat on the device causing too much pressure on weight on the phone. As for the report from today, it could have been caused due to overcharging. Most modern smartphones have an auto cut-off technology, which basically makes the charge to stop flowing to the device once the battery is fuelled up to 100 percent. Which is what makes these cases very odd.

But then again, it is important to note that details about these incidents are still scarce. There is no comment by Apple on these explosions, and to be fair, these still look like isolated incidents. Up until now, there haven’t been enough incidents reported about the iPhones, to deem it as a smartphone defect. ALSO READ: Dear Samsung, please kill the Galaxy Note 7 before it kills someone

Having said that, it is even more precarious when such incidents are unable to be marked out as ‘defects’ because of few reported incidents, and yet explosion and damages are observed. In a recent debacle, where the Galaxy Note 7 phablets were exploding due to a detected battery defect, which were then replaced with ‘safe’ units after a worldwide recalls, have now reportedly been stopped at the production line itself. The reported production halt has been observed by Samsung due to a several recent cases where the ‘safe’ units caused explosion as well, and in a fresh case that surfaced last week, the ‘safe’ unit caused enough damage to rush the owner to the hospital. ALSO READ: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 production temporarily halted after ‘safe’ units catch fire: Report

Even in India, Aviation regulator DGCA is soon expected to issue a new directive on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ban on flights in India, which a couple of week earlier the administrative body had lifted. The DGCA is already in touch with the FAA on the issue and the fresh advisory is likely to be put in public domain by this week, a senior DGCA official said. This announcement by DGCA came in two days after a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 caught fire on a US airline flight. ALSO READ: DGCA may issue new directive on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ban on flights in India

  • Published Date: October 10, 2016 4:15 PM IST
  • Updated Date: October 10, 2016 4:20 PM IST

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