You can now create, share Google Maps Lists on your PC

Lists created can be accessed on synced iOS and Android devices, and on the desktop as well.

  • Published: November 6, 2017 5:39 PM IST
google maps lists

Earlier this year Google introduced the Lists feature on Maps. This feature allowed users to create a list of places to visit, good restaurants to eat at, and share them with their friends or keep it public. Creating Google Maps Lists was however limited only to users on Android and iOS. Google has now rolled out Lists for Maps on desktops as well. What’s more, you can access Google Maps across synced devices and on the desktop as well.

This feature is pretty easy to use and comes in handy for frequent and rare Google Maps users as well. Upon searching and locating a place on Google Maps, click on the “SAVE” icon. You can choose to save locations under default Lists like “Favorites”, “Want to go”, “Starred places”, or create a new list giving custom titles. You can also share your curated lists with your friends on social platforms like Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Google also gives you the option to keep your list private, shared or public.

Google Maps Lists for desktop

All your saved places under different lists will be available to view under “Your places” which is available in the Menu located above. If you’ve logged in from a Google account and created Google Maps Lists then you can access them from any of the three platforms. Since the data will be synced you can later access Lists from your Android and iOS devices, and desktop as well. ALSO READ: Google ‘Fast Pair’ brings hassle-free Bluetooth pairing for devices running Android 6.0 and above

Google has been releasing notable features for Maps to make it more efficient for users. Recently, Google integrated Maps and Search with Questions & Answers section. You can type in your query on the “Q&A” tab located on the column with overview, reviews and photos. You can also upvote questions and answers that you like by tapping on the thumbs up icon. Q&As with the most votes will be listed at the top for everyone to see. RELATED: Google Maps, Search updated with ‘Questions and Answers’ section

  • Published Date: November 6, 2017 5:39 PM IST