YouTube embraces hashtags while its rivals strengthen their video networks

Your next YouTube video search is just an hashtag away.

  • Published: July 20, 2018 12:47 PM IST

YouTube is following on the footsteps of Facebook and Twitter by embracing hashtags. The video streaming platform, owned by Google, will now allow uploaders to add hashtags to their descriptions and video titles. YouTube says the addition of hashtags will make it easier to discover videos on the platform.

YouTube is embracing hashtags while rivals like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are strengthening their video network. Like all these other platforms, YouTube’s hashtags will also be clickable, and will bring up a results page with links to other videos tagged with the same hashtag. The video platform also plans to show the top three hashtags at the bottom of the video and above in the title.

The feature is being rolled out to Android users in a staged manner, and was first spotted by Android Police. It spotted a support page by Google that details the rules behind use of this new feature. The support page notes that YouTube will prohibit creators from adding misleading tags, and those meant to harass or humiliate an individual or a group. The hashtags aimed to promote violence or hatred and anything sexual or explicit are also being prohibited on the platform.

YouTube says it will pull down videos that violate these policies. At the time of writing, we could see hashtags being added to select videos on both Android as well as the web. The feature seems to be selectively added to the work of celebrities and music artists.

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It seems that the hashtags feature won’t be making its way to iOS just yet. Google has been taking efforts to modernize YouTube, and make it easier to discover videos. The hashtags feature should help TV networks, celebrities and brands to better target their videos since we live in the age of a simple spoken language called hashtags.

  • Published Date: July 20, 2018 12:47 PM IST