YouTube's Digital Wellbeing tools improved to help you track time spent watching videos

With 'Time watched' feature, you'll be able to see for how long you’ve watched YouTube videos today, yesterday and over the past seven days.

  • Published: August 28, 2018 9:47 AM IST

Google is moving ahead with its Digital Wellbeing initiative that it announced during I/O 2018. Today, the company has added more features to YouTube’s set of ‘Digital Wellbeing’ tools. In a blog post, Google noted that it is rolling out ‘Time watched’ stats along with centralized controls of the YouTube tools in one place. It will provide users a better understanding of time spent on YouTube, so that they can make informed decisions about how they want to go about watching videos on YouTube.

The company essentially wants users you to start “building your own sense of Digital Wellbeing.” Now, with “Time watched” permanently located in your YouTube account, you’ll be able to see for how long you’ve watched YouTube videos today, yesterday, and over the past seven days.

Just to note, the data provided by Google for this YouTube feature only works if you have watched videos by signing into your profile, and not for the videos you’ve deleted from watch history or videos you’ve watched in Incognito mode.

So now when you’ll open your YouTube account options now, you will see an updated menu with a ‘Time watched’ option. By clicking on the option you will get details about how long you’ve watched YouTube videos with a with a daily average.

Once you know how much time you’re spending to watch videos on YouTube, Google suggests that you might like to set a limit and the option has been made available in the app too. After the limit gets over, you’ll be interrupted with a ‘friendly reminder’ so that you can remind yourself to take a break.

“It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re having fun, which is why we’ll help you set up a reminder to take a break. Just head over to your settings and pick the amount of YouTube time that’s right for you. Once you’ve hit that limit, a friendly reminder will pop up on your screen,” notes Google.

Further, YouTube has given you more control over notifications. Users can now bundle all of YouTube’s push notifications into a single notification each day at a specific time. These notifications can also be snoozed according to your time preference. You can enable/disable sounds and vibrations for the notifications as well.

  • Published Date: August 28, 2018 9:47 AM IST