ZTE Iceberg is a smartphone with notch on both sides of the display

ZTE Iceberg combines front and back of the device using glass connection technique.

  • Published: April 10, 2018 1:27 PM IST
ZTE Iceberg main

ZTE wants to show the world that it is more ambitious about notches than its compatriots. In an effort to outclass its smartphone rivals, the company is working on a yet announced device with dual notch design.

In fact, the design is so intriguing that it has made an entry into the World Design Guide to win an award. The smartphone with dual notch is now competing for an award from iF Word Design founded by Germans, which celebrates exceptional industrial design in aesthetic, ergonomics and efficiency. The ZTE smartphone currently referred to as Iceberg is contending for an award in the “Product” category.

As seen from the design pictures posted by World Design Guide, the smartphone has notch on both side of the display, which takes the concept of notched display to a whole new level. It is still not clear whether notch adds value to the smartphone experience or it affects the overall aesthetics of the design. ZTE deserves applause for trying out something different with the Iceberg.

The Iceberg is contending for an iF Word Design award not only for the dual notch display, but also for the engineering gone into the smartphone. Instead of using a piece of metal to combine glass front with glass back of the device, ZTE is using a new ‘glass connection’ technique. The whole structure seems like a piece of ice, which could have been the cue for ‘Iceberg’ name. The overall design shows all four corners of the phone transparent to reveal the glass piece that acts as a connection.

Source: World Design Guide

ZTE also managed to add speakers on the front of the smartphone, and equipped it with wireless charging support. “It also features a new type of notch screen so that both sides of screen can realize the interactive function of the system, which is convenient and quick,” ZTE describes the notch functionality.

The entry reveals that ZTE had a development time between 13 and 24 months for the smartphone, and it plans to sell them in markets around Asia, Europe and North America. The consumer oriented device is expected to launch after 2018, which could mean a debut at MWC next year.

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The Iceberg is unlike any other smartphone design in the market right now. The technique to connect two sides of the device through a glass pane instead of fusing metal structure shows engineering ability of the Chinese smartphone maker. There is no word on specifications just yet, but expect it to offer flagship specifications with a premium price tag.

  • Published Date: April 10, 2018 1:27 PM IST