We all love gadgets, but the wild obsession with leaks and renders needs to be tamed

Next time we come across a leaked render or rumor, let’s not get obsessed to jump to the conclusion.

samsung galaxy note 9 case render

I’ve been writing on technology for some time now, while following the world of gadgets for as long as I can remember. For most fellow tech writers, the product cycle is pretty interesting and detailed. It pretty much begins with the first rumor, that grain of truth, the seed of the idea of what to expect. As the seed sprouts, it takes the form of a series of leaks and renders, and this goes on till the seed bears fruit or sees the light of day at the final unveil.

From that first leak to the launch event, we follow the product and its performance till the time interest in the product tapers off. Then it’s time for the next version of the product. And the whole cycles repeats, all over again.But unlike before, a lot’s changed these days.

The rumor mill just doesn’t stop

One rumor after the other, details just keep pouring in from multiple geographical locations. It starts with some insider source revealing key details about the smartphone, followed by another analyst contradicting it. Sometimes, the leak originates in the supply chain. And the cycle keeps going on till the product isn’t officially announced. But during this entire period, you will see the news swinging to an extent where you are likely to get confused trying to figure out truth and logic.

Too many leaksters

There was a time when there were just a handful of reliable leaksters, but today, we find ourselves surrounded by them. Most leaks that pour in are a result of someone posting a screenshot or some information on Twitter or China’s social network, Weibo. I’m guilty as charged. It’s addictive to study the product we haven’t seen yet. To form the image of the product in our minds before the actual launch. It is an obsession, we can’t help but adopt as addicts to gadgetry and technology. Most of these leaks find mention in media reports. There’s nothing wrong with that. But the altering heart rates and gripping suspense of what next is something we all need to tame.

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Obsession with renders

Leaks are fine. They’re clues in world of Sherlock. It’s the biggest turn on for the investigative mind, the one that’s pursuing tomorrow’s reality. But then comes along renders. The interpretation of creative minds, who picture the same product in different ways. And in turn, bringing along an inceptive wave through the minds of those tracking these products. While there’s an element of certainty in the source of a leak, we all know that renders are based on thought, with elements of the imaginary, quite similar to an artistic representation.

It’s a case where one person’s interpretation turns into another’s idea. The series of events that follow snowballs into a new product at times. Let me explain this in detail.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: The new case in point

Samsung is all set to launch its next flagship smartphone in the Galaxy Note-series, the Galaxy Note 9. The event is expected to take place in New York on August 9. Now, ahead of the launch, the smartphone was spotted on benchmark listing, factory CAD renders have surfaced, and we design has also been tipped, courtesy of case makers.

Just yesterday, an alleged Galaxy Note 9 case render surfaced, sort of showing off an extra cutout on the frame. One report said that it will be a physical camera shutter button, other report tipped that it will be a dedicated button for slow motion video recording, whereas some reports indicated that it could be used for taking screenshots.

I can understand having a physical camera shutter button, but why would a company include a dedicated button for taking screenshots? Doesn’t make any sense at all. Also, the volume button on smartphones already act as a camera shutter, so why include another hardware key.

A day later, the other side of the case render is revealed, and turns out, there will be no dedicated button for camera or screenshots. Turns out, the cutout is actually two holes to let you use a small lanyard, something commonly seen with most third-party cases.

It’s not just about the Galaxy Note 9, there have been several instances in the past where such things have happened. In case of the iPhone 7, rumors hinted that Apple will drop the 3.5mm audio socket in favor of Lightning port. A couple of weeks later, a case render showed a cutout for the speaker grill, but the rumor mill hinted that Apple will keep the 3.5mm audio socket after all. And we all know what happened later.

In short, we do love gadgets, and we are more than excited to see innovative tech on smartphones. But let’s admit, the wild obsession over renders isn’t too good. Rather, it would be ideal to wait for concrete evidence and information before jumping on to conclusions. So as we at BGR India repeatedly advise our readers, the proverbial pinch of salt needs to be etched in our minds the next time we’re excited with a leak or render.

  • Published Date: June 15, 2018 4:32 PM IST