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5 gadgets under Rs 3,000 that will make your home smarter

Everyone wants to be smart and wants a smart home these days. If you want to make your home smarter at an affordable price tag, here are the five best options you can consider.

Updated:Fri, December 17, 2021 5:12pm

By Sneha Saha


Smart Bulb

Smart Bulbs are available at a much affordable price tag. Tech brands like Xiaomi, Realme, Philips, Syska and more offer smart bulbs under the price of Rs 3,000. Smart bulbs are one of the cheapest gadgets you can get to turn your non-smart home into a smarter one. Some of the best options include -- MI Smart LED Bulb, Syska Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LED Bulb, PHILIPS 10W B22 LED White Smart Light Bulb, among others.


Smart plug

Everyone wants to be smart and wants a smart home these days. One of the most affordable products you can get to make your home smarter is smart plug. Several brands, starting from Amazon to Syska to many others offer smart plug at a budget. There are several good smart plug options available in the market under the price of Rs 3,000. Using a smart plug is easy and turns your non-smart gadgets into smarter ones. To use a smart plug, you need a stable WiFi / internet connection. Some of the best options available are – Amazon Smart Plug, Syska WiFi Smart Plug, and more.


Smart Switch

Smart Switch is another affordable gadget that will turn your non-smart gadget into smarter one. Several brands from across Syska, Tata, Zebronics, among others offer variety of smart switch options under the price tag of Rs 3,000. Like a smart plug, using a smart switch also requires a stable WiFi connection. Some of the best options available include -- Sonoff Wifi Smart Switch, Smarteefi Smart Switch, and more.


Smart Motion activated light

Besides smart bulbs, several home tech brands offer smart motion activated light, which are mostly available at a much cheaper price tag. Some of these options include -- Mi Motion Activated Night Light 2, Hoteon Motion Sensor Light, PHILIPS Motion Sensor 12W T-Bulb, and more.


Security camera

Security camera should be a part of all homes for making homes smarter as well as secure. Security cameras are available across various price segments but brands such as Xiaomi, QUBO, TP-Link, Realme and more offer affordable ones.