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Best 5 Action Games on Android to play in 2022: Downwell, Dandara, and more

To save your time and energy, we have handpicked the best action games on Android that you can play. A word of caution- some of these games listed include in-app purchases while a few others are paid apps. Choice is yours!

By Meghna Dutta | Published:Fri, January 14, 2022 6:01pm



This well-acclaimed PC game from Raw Furry is available on Google Play Store for Rs 350. And what's in it for the price you may ask; the game is a beautiful Metroidvania set in a bizarre universe. You need to defy gravity to jump off walls and ceilings. There are power-ups, new areas to explore, and controller support just adds a cherry on top.



This retro-style game has simple controls and a simple goal- dash into the well and fight with enemies. While it may sound plain, guns strapped to the player's feet that not just kill enemies but help hover in the air makes it more interesting. And with the cool graphics, you get a blend of intriguing music too. However, to enjoy the vertical shmup rogue-like game you will have to pay Rs 250.



This sci-fi shooter indie game does not just have a pixel, horror settings but a blast of movie references as well. You get a huge arsenal of guns to play with and kill enemies. You can go solo, or pick PVP online multiplayer option to improve your skills.



As the name suggests, this freemium platform brawler demands you to smash and fight among the 'legends of Valhalla.' You can call your friends and enter a wide range of custom matches- FFA, 4v4, 1v3. There are tons of characters to choose from, and you get eight free-to-play ones in a weekly rotation. There is cross-platform support as well, which means you can access thousands of players online for matchmaking.


Genshin Impact

We end up mentioning this miHoYo game because of its visually appealing graphics, storyline, and beautiful music. Genshin Impact more or less reminds one of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The action RPG has gacha elements and lets you unlock characters by completing quests. It has an elemental combat system and you can build your own team.