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Best 5 free PC games to include in New Year bucket list

In this photo post, we are listing some of the best PC games that you can get online for free, although a few titles will have the freebie tag for a limited period.

Published:Tue, December 28, 2021 6:03pm

By Meghna Dutta



If you want to play the character of a ninja, then Warframe is the next stop for you. It is a third-person co-op affair that brings robot ninja fighting into space. You can choose the mainline story, or try side quests. This stylised 'movement-heavy' game allows you to polish your Warframe build to clear the levels faster.



Looking for a game with a post-apocalyptic fantasy setting? Dauntless would be the right pick that brings RPG action on deck and lets you fight with vicious behemoths. You can play in single mode, craft unique weapons, armour and customize your Slayer, or team up with other players and take part in monumental challenges.



Riot's FPS Valorant was a major hit when it was released on PC in 2020 and it still remains one the best title in this category. The developers recently dropped hint for new Agent 18 stationed in the Philippines. The agent codenamed 'Sprinter' arriving in 2022 is said to "outpace the rest of the roster." The 5v5 character-based tactical FPS gets the action pumped up with precise gunplay and adaptive teamwork. One can outplay the opponents by picking any of the characters from the roaster each boasting their unique abilities.


Rocket League

Rocket League, the competitive car cum soccer game that brings a balanced multiplayer playing field. The arcade-style soccer game has different cars, seasonal cosmetic rewards, competitive tournaments to keep you engrossed. Psyonix is bringing the competitive fun sports action to mobile soon.


Mages of Mystralia

Epic Games is playing mysterious game promo and giving away some of the popular titles for free on the e-store. However, each game will be available on Epic Games Store only for a day, hence players need to download it as soon as it goes live on the platform. The latest freebie is from Forgotten Realms Studio- Mages of Mystralia which will be available for free till 9:30 PM IST. The action-adventure game revolves around combat with a blend of magic. In case you aren't into mystery games, we would suggest keeping track till January 3, as Epic will have a few surprises left till then.