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Best Android games to download in March 2022

Can't find a good game on the Play Store? We have handpicked some of the best Android games that you can play both online and offline.

By Meghna Dutta | Published:Mon, March 14, 2022 5:40pm


Battlevoid Harbinger

If retro pixel graphics and effects are your things then Battlevoid: Harbinger can be your next pick. The sci-fi space exploration game brings on deck real-time space battles and turn-based strategy. The game is not simple to play, but you get to try a bunch of missions and new tech to unearth on the way. The game costs less than 100, moreover, it doesn't include any in-app purchases.



If you are tired of witnessing massacres in those BR games, then Townscaper might be a good escape from the bloodshed. The game shifts on the expensive side, but it brings an exercise of relaxation which is needed if you have a hectic schedule. The game has a variety of challenges, soothing sounds, and a tiny island to explore. The game costs Rs 460 on Play Store.


Retro Bowl

This is another game that tries to bring the nostalgic factor with retro 8-bit graphics in a fun way. This classic retro arcade game brings the 1987-style arrangement with a chiptune track. Each game barely takes a couple of minutes, and you get to upgrade your stadium, training facilities, or bring new staff. Although you can install it free of charge, it has in-app purchases that go all the way up to Rs 1,000.


Grid Autosport

Grid Autosport is not a new game, but it tops the chart when it comes to the racing titles. The premium game doesn't have any in-app purchases which is a bonus for gamers. The game includes excellent controls, hardware controller support, amazing graphics, and a range of racing styles.


Dark Nemesis

Dark Nemesis is an MMORPG action game that recently paved its way to the Play Store. The game doesn't have a decent rating, the reason it's still under pre-order till March 15, but early birds did give a positive response on the 3D action. The game has four unique classes, PvP mode, boss fights, daily missions, and time-limit treasure dungeon. The storyline is decent and you can choose to fight both manually or in auto mode.