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Best car gadgets that you must carry during your New Year's road trip

With 2021 coming to an end, a lot of you will be looking to go out on a trip with your friends and family. If this trip is going to be a road trip, with you and all the other passengers having fun on the road progressing slowly towards the destination, then there are a few gadgets that you must carry with you at all times. Here we are going to list the top 5 gadgets that you should carry along with you during your New Year's trip, which will not let the fun stop.

Published:Tue, December 21, 2021 9:14pm

By Karanveer Singh Arora



While a dashcam is a necessity in these days, especially on long routes, you might also want to shoot some nice scenes that you see, or just shoot the activities done during the trip. All of this can be done with a help of a GoPro. A GoPro is one of the most versatile and portable cameras that you can take with you on trips and not be worried about damaging it, due to its rugged build. And the shots it manages to deliver are near perfect.


Car vacuum

During a long road trip, it is almost near to impossible to avoid people eating in the car. Eating would lead to crumbs that fall on the seat or the footbed. This would then be an invitation to ants to get into your car. To avoid such a situation the best option is to get your car deep cleaned. However, if that is not an option, the second-best option would be to have a car vacuum. This will help you get rid of the crumbs easily and will also help you in keeping your car clean. It is recommended that you get a good vacuum that has nice suction power. Try and get one with an internal battery to avoid having to keep the car turned on while you clean.


Phone holder with charger

While you are driving to your destination, you might want to have a map open. You can have your co-passengers navigate, but a phone holder will give you a view of the map at all times, as a bonus you can get a holder, which doubles as a charger to keep your navigation device juiced up when the maps app is taking up a lot of power to navigate.


Tyre inflator

Getting a flat during a trip is the worst thing that could happen as most would have to change the tyre with the spare one. If you have tubeless tyres, then having a tyre inflator can be a lifesaver as you can fill the tyre up and take the car to the nearest repair shop to get the tyre fixed. While you can go in for the tyre inflators that can be plugged into the car to fill up the tyre, we recommend splurging a bit and getting one with a battery, so that you do not have to keep the car running, and can also use the inflator for other use cases too.


Car charger

During a long trip, a lot of people end up finding their gadgets out of charge. While people can carry a power bank, having a fast car charger does not hurt. This will allow people to plug in their devices to the running car, and while they juice up, they can have meaningful conversations or can play a few road games. A fast car charger from a brand like Anker, Xiaomi, OnePlus and more, is a very good investment as it will continue to serve you beyond the trip.

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