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Best PlayStation 5 accessories you can get to enhance your gaming experience

Sony's PlayStation 5 is an undeniable hit, with the company still coping to keep up with its demand. Many of us are still waiting patiently to get, but if you are one of the lucky few to have gotten your hands on a unit then this article is for you. Here we will be taking a look at the top five accessories that you can buy for your PS5 that will help enhance your gaming experience.

By Karanveer Singh Arora | Published:Tue, January 18, 2022 10:21pm


Darkplates 2.0

One of the major gripes with Sony that its customers had about the PlayStation 5 was that the game console came in only one White/Black colour combination. Due to the side plates of the console being white, they get dirty very easily. While Sony has stated that it will soon start selling coloured plates including a Black variant, there is still some time. As of now, you can get Dbrand's Dark Plates 2.0, which will help you get an all-black PS5 that stands out and looks great.


Additional controller

Getting an extra controller for when friends come over is a very sensible thing to do. You can play a slew of multiplayer games together, helping you and your friend have a fun time. If you do not want to splurge much, you can also get a PS4 or a compatible controller that will help hold your friends, so that they can also play and are not only left as viewers.


Gaming headset

A good pair of headphones help take the gaming experience to the next level, with you being able to hear the tyres screech while you play Need For Speed, or the footsteps of the enemy in Call of Duty. Moreover, playing online games, it helps to have a good microphone that can help you communicate with your teammates. While there are a lot of gaming headphones that you can get, we recommend that you set a price budget and then purchase a pair from a reputed company.


Controller charger and stand

Now that you have an extra controller, you can get a controller stand that can keep your controllers at a designated place and display them elegantly. You can also opt to get a controller stand, which also doubles as a charger.


Additional SSD

Games usually take up a lot of space, due to which you will soon find yourself running out of storage. While you can delete some games and make space for new games, you can also take advantage of the PS5's M.2 SSD support to increase its storage. Just note, that the M.2 SSD you get should come with a heatsink.

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