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From Apple iPhone 13 to Samsung Galaxy A12: Top 5 most sold smartphones globally

In Q1 2022, Apple iPhone 13, and Samsung Galaxy A12 were among the top 5 most sold smartphones worldwide. Here's the list:

Published:Tue, May 24, 2022 2:42pm

By Priya Singh


1. Apple iPhone 13

Currently priced at Rs 72,990, Apple iPhone 13 was the most sold phone in Q1 2022, reports IDC. As per the report, iPhone 13 were worth nearly $42 billion in 2022.


2. Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max is the most expensive model of the iPhone 13 series. It was the second most-sold phone of Q1, 2022. It is priced at a starting price of Rs 1,29,900 on Amazon.


3. Samsung Galaxy A12

Samsung's budget-friendly smartphone Galaxy A12 stands at third position on the list. It is available at a starting price of Rs 12,999 in India.


4. Apple iPhone 13 Pro

The third iPhone 13 series that landed on this list is iPhone 13 Pro. It is selling at a starting price of Rs 1,19,900 in India.


5. Samsung Galaxy A32

Samsung Galaxy A32 was the fifth most sold smartphone globally in Q1, 2022, as per IDC report. It is selling at a starting price of Rs 22,000. Together, Galaxy A12 and Galaxy A32 accounted for the sales of approximately $4 billion in South Korea.