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Top 5 best-selling smartwatch brands in the world

Apple, Samsung and Garmin manufacture and sell premium range of smartwatches with higher revenues compared to other brands, suggest a Counterpoint study

Published:Wed, June 01, 2022 9:48am

By Danny Dcruze



Apple is at the top of the list yet again. The company’s Apple Watch 7 Series was launch last year and it is helping the brand gain more sales volume. Apple registered an overall increase of 14% YoY in Q1 2022.



Samsung is one of the few smartwatch brands to offer premium hardware. The South Korean brand grabbed the second position with a 46 percent YoY increase in shipments. Samsung registered significant growth in the APAC region.



Huawei, despite troubles in different markets, managed to get third position. However, the sales remained flat YoY in terms of shipments. This most likely happened due to the weak position in the international market caused by GMS restrictions.



Xiaomi also making its way up in the smartwatch segment with numerous budget offerings. The Chinese brand grabbed the fourth position with 69% YoY growth. The company is breaking its shipment record every quarter as it rapidly penetrates globally.



Garmin, despite a more expensive line-up of smartwatches, has managed to secure the fifth position in terms of shipments., Due to the higher prices, the brand came in third in terms of revenues. The premium segment (above $500) is where the brand is shining.