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Planning a New Year's party? Make it more fun with these gadgets

With 2021 coming to an end in a few days many of you might be busy planning a New Year's party to close the year with a bash. This time along you might want to keep the party a bit close-knit due to the omicron scare. To keep the party interesting for the few close friends and family you are inviting, here is a look at the top 5 gadgets you should have at the party.

Published:Wed, December 22, 2021 10:35pm

By Karanveer Singh Arora


Automatic bubble machine

While you might have LED lights dangling everywhere along with party balloons, what can make your party look even cooler is if you have bubbles filling the room. You can get a non-expensive automatic bubble machine, which will keep on creating bubbles that fill the room and make it look out of the world. Just keep in mind that you use non-toxic and easy on the eyes solution, to ensure that invited people do not end up getting an injury.


Smart LED lighting

While LED lights are sort of a cliche that every party will have, getting a Smart LED lighting solution will take your party to the next level. The lights can be set to a custom mood and can change according to the time or the will of the host. Thus, they will help you set and control the mood of the room.


Interesting drink dispensers

Even if you are not serving alcoholic beverages, serving drinks can be made fun with the help of drink dispensers. If you are willing to splurge there are dispensers that fill up the glass with a drink automatically, when the glass is placed on the table. Even if you are not, you can use other interesting dispensers to make taking a drink fun.


Karaoke machine

While having a speaker to play music is necessary, what would be nice is that if that speaker also doubled up as a karaoke machine, allowing people to sing their hearts out. This will also help all of you play games and help you in making important announcements.


Mighty mug

Alcoholic or non-alcoholic, drinks spill. Cleaning up the aftermath of a party is when you realise that you should not have thrown one. However, getting mighty mugs for the room to have their beverages in will help you reduce the spills as they do not fall or break also it will help keep the environment safe compared to one-time use plastic glasses.

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