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Top 5 Accessibility features coming to Apple devices this year

Apple has announced a bunch of new accessibility features that are coming to iPhones this fall. Some of these features include Door Detection, Sound Detection, Live Captions, and others.

By Pranav Sawant | Updated:Wed, May 18, 2022 11:18pm


Door Detection

Apple will soon let users with Vision disabilities use iPhones as their guides. With the Door Detection feature, iPhone will help blind or people with low vision locate a door upon arriving at their destination. With the help of LiDAR sensors, cameras, and machine learning, iPhone will be able to describe if the door's closed and tell whether if it can be opened by simply pushing, pulling, or by turning the knob. 


Apple Watch Mirroring

Another notable feature coming to Apple devices this fall is the Apple Watch Mirroring feature. This feature will let users control Apple Watch remotely using their connected iPhones. How it will work is, that it will let you control Apple Watch using iPhone's Voice Control and Switch Control features. Users can use voice commands, head tracking, sound actions, or external mode for controlling their Apple watch.  


Live Captions

Live captions will soon come to Apple devices. Those with hearing disabilities can see live captions of any videos, Facetime calls, social media videos, and other content on the iPhone. 


Sound Detection

Sound Detection will let the iPhone store a particular sound in its database. For instance, one can save the sound of a doorbell on the iPhone which will then let iPhone tell you if someone rang your bell, in case you missed it. 


Siri Pause time

With the Siri Pause Time feature, users can set how long Siri should wait for them before responding to a request. Practically, how it will work is, that if you forgot a word while talking to Siri, it will wait for you until you remember it and complete your sentence.