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Your smartphone battery can blast if you do this

In the last few months, we have come across several OnePlus Nord 2 explode incidents. Now a new incident reports about a Poco M3 blast. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer said they are investigating the matter and take users’ safety very seriously. Meanwhile, we have listed five reasons why your phone battery can explode. Take a look at them right away.

Published:Thu, December 02, 2021 8:39pm

By Sneha Saha


Physical damage

Oftentimes, when you drop your mobile phone, some parts of the device get affected or damaged. Drop or fall of mobile device leads to short-circuit, overheating, and much more. In case a battery gets damaged, it swells. This eventually can lead to exploding incident. (Image: Pxhere)


Using third-party charge

Smartphone manufacturers always suggest consumers to use official charger. Using unofficial or third-party chargers can affect the internals of the smartphone, leading to exploding incidents. Unverified or unofficial chargers often overheat the phone and damage the internal components including the battery. (Image: Pxhere)


Expose to water or any liquid

Exposing any electronic device including smartphone to water or any liquid is bad for the device’s health. Water can affect the internals of the smartphone including battery, which can eventually lead to explosion. Nowadays, some phones come with IP certification, but options are limited in this regard. It should be noted that IP certification doesn’t mean the phone can be impressed in water completely. In fact, you should not immerse any electronic gadget into water. (Image: Pixabay)


Expose to direct sunlight

(Image: Pixabay) Exposing any electronic device including smartphone to direct sunlight is bad and can eventually lead to battery explode incidents. Too much heat can make the cells unstable and produce gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide. Such gases impact the battery’s health.


Charging overnight

(Image: Pixabay) Most of us often charge our phones overnight. That’s one of the key reasons behind phone battery explode. This habit that we have is actually bad for your phone’s health. You must never charge your mobile phone or any electronic device overnight.