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1More Piston Fit review: Decent if you're on a budget

If you’re looking for a decent pair of headphones under Rs 1,000, the 1More Piston Fit won’t disappoint you.

1more piston fit review

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If you’re looking for a decent pair of in-ear headphones with a microphone at under Rs 1,500, the options are abundant. Right from Philips and JBL to Panasonic, Xiaomi and SkullCandy, there are a number of options to choose from. 1More is a San Diego, California-based company that has recently entered the Indian market with a range of headphones, and I’m reviewing the most affordable offering, the Piston Fit in-ear headphones.

Priced at Rs 999, the 1More Piston Fit headphones can be purchased from Amazon India and other e-commerce websites. The in-ear headphones come with an in-line microphone for hands-free calling, and are offered in three color options – Blue, Rose Gold and Space Grey. Competing with the likes of options from Xiaomi and the OnePlus Bullets (V2), let’s look at how the 1More Piston Fit headphones stack up.

1More Piston Fit – Design and Specifications

The 1More Piston Fit comes with a fairly simple design. The earbuds are sturdy, lightweight and feature an aluminium casing with ‘CD lining’ texture surface. The ear tips are tilted at 45-degrees angle, making then easier to slip into your ears. The cord is 1.25 meters in length, and the CD lining’ texture pattern can also be seen on the covering of the gold-plated 3.5mm audio jack. ALSO READ: Audeze iSine 10 Review: You’ve never heard in-ears like this before

In terms of specifications, the drivers have an impedance rating of 32 Ohms with peak sensitivity of 100dB and frequency response ranging between 20-20,000Hz. The sensitivity is loud enough to be easily driven by smartphones, iPods and audio players. Besides the in-ear headphones itself, you also get two extra ear tips – small and large size.

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However, I found the stock silicon ear tips to be quite flimsy. They are very thin, they don’t provide good enough seal and often tend to slip out of the ears. It was the same with the large size ear tips too. I then replaced them with other ear tips that were lying around, and then it could at least fit in properly. ALSO READ: Tekfusion Twinwoofers M 2 Review: Punching above its weight

1More Piston Fit Performance

I tested the 1More Piston by listening to music on different devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S8, OnePlus 5 and MacBook Air. Most of the time, I was listening to music on Apple Music, but on occasion I also switched to high-resolution files encoded in the FLAC format. Focus tracks for the review were Late Goodbye by Poets of the Fall, Suddenly by BT and Ashes from OceanLab. ALSO READ: Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT Review: Quality wireless audio, but is it worth the price?

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The headphones do a good job in offering a balanced sound. Starting with Poets of the Fall, right from the beginning with the sound of guitar strings to vocals and mids, the quality is detailed. However, response to low-frequency sounds lacks punch, due to which the bass appears weak. ALSO READ: V-MODA Crossfade 2 Wireless Review: Headphones with pizzazz

Moving on to Ashes, the song has some neat vocals with surround sound, and the 1More Piston Fit impresses with a nice and wide sound staging. Once again, mids and details sound pretty good. BT’s Suddenly is a bass-heavy track, but due to lack of attack in the sound, it doesn’t sound too enjoyable. But for those who love details over bass, the headphones will be interesting. ALSO READ: Brainwavz B150 Review: Balanced armature headphones, sans the high price

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For Rs 999, you can’t possibly go wrong with the 1More Piston Fit in-ear headphones. The company has got the design and build quality right for the price. In terms of performance, the sonic signature focuses on mids and highs along with wide sound staging. However, it would have been better if the bass was slightly punchier to make the overall audio sound more satisfying. Also, the bundled ear tips could have been of slightly better quality.

In the same price range or by spending a little extra, you could get House of Marley Smile Jamaica, that offers slightly stronger bass. Other options include SoundMagic ES18S, Audio Tehnica SonicSport or Mee Audio Sport-Fi M6P, OnePlus Bullets (V2) or Xiaomi’s Mi Capsule, which are similar to the 1More Piston Fit but with their own qualities.

  • Published Date: August 29, 2017 9:39 AM IST