Battlefield 2042 review: Have the new updates made it any better?

The Battlefield games have created a unique genre all unto themselves and the titles have built their loyal fanbase in the past decade

Updated:Wed, December 15, 2021 7:25pm

By Danny Dcruze


AAA titles haven't had a very exciting year so far. Battlefield 2042 launch was expected to change that. The trailers and teasers took the expectations through the roof. Unfortunately, the game couldn't stand up to the expectations. Not at the start at least. The title release was followed by a barrage of bad reviews showing the inconsistencies with the gameplay. The game even had some hilarious bugs that we have come to expect from a brand new Battlefield game.

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Battlefield 2042 was launched on November 19 and just days ahead of the release, Dice developers released an update to resolve some bug. This update was followed by three more releases that were rolled out almost every week. The updates did respond to some of the pain points players were complaining about which includes, inconsistencies in shooting, changes in some weapon's behaviour and more. We should appreciate Dice developers for the quick rollouts of updates and fixes because it has massively improved the overall gaming experience.


Some Hits, And Some Misses

The Battlefield games have created a unique genre all unto themselves and the titles have built their loyal fanbase over the past decade. Battlefield 2042 tried to give its players something new, some massive improvements in terms of graphics, haptics (for next-gen consoles) and innovation. But there's one question that needs answering, how much innovation is good innovation?

Let's get to the hits first

Battlefield 2042 successfully recreates a war-like setting

In terms of re-creating a war-like atmosphere, Battlefield 2042 is outstanding with its massive scale of maps and equipment. There's a fight happening in every dimension, be it an aerial dogfight between jets or just plain old sniping from towers and cliffs. Initial updates to the game improved the problems with some glitches. While playing the game after the three updates, I did not come across a lot of issues, which is saying something. The initial release was riddled with problems like players running in the air, and some even passing through solid objects.


The increased number of players and the bigger maps give the game a true war-like ambience. There's no shortage of players to target, at least in the Breakthrough and Conquest mode under the All-Out Warfare tab.

If you want to revisit the glorious past of Battlefields, Portal can be a highly exciting option. It introduces elements from Battlefield 3, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 1942. To make it even better, there is a Rules Editor which will let you tweak the experience of the Battlefield.

Hazard Zone is also a pleasant change of pace compared to the Conquest and Breakthrough gaming modes. You are inserted as a four-member squad to locate and retrieve Data Drives scattered throughout the battlefield, while fighting opposing squads with the same objective and Occupying Forces. Once the data drives are retrieved, you'll need to be extracted before a storm overtakes the area.

Now, on to the misses

The three updates have made all the difference in gameplay but some core aspects of Battlefield 2042 may not be to everyone's liking.

The number of players in the core Conquest mode have been doubled in comparison to the previous iteration. This definitely makes it visually more like a real battlefield, but at the same time the game has become much more chaotic. You are spawned at either the base or the sectors that have already been occupied by your side. You then move to occupy more sectors and that happens only when all enemies in that sector have been removed.

With so many players, it is either extremely easy to keep pushing back a more fragmented attempt at the sectors or it is extremely difficult to fight back since you are always welcomed with a swarm of bullets and enemies. The increased number of players does not help in coordinating either.

At times, I respawned in one of the sectors that were quite far from where the action was happening. I often ended up running for the major part of the game and at times, I was even met with numerous enemies very close to the respawn point, making it a complete one-sided affair.


You get a chance to play as one of the ten 'Specialists'. Each one has a different advantage but it is not something very exclusive. Any specialist can change loadouts and in the process, change the nature of the player. While this provides some flexibility to the player, it also takes away from the real reason of choosing a Specialist in the first place.


Battlefield loyalists may want to try the new 2042 for the modern weaponry and beautiful maps. Dice developers have released back to back updates improving the overall experience substantially. The inclusion of the Portal mode in the game will also give new gamers a brief experience of the more popular versions of the war-themed game. However, there are some core elements of the game which haven't gone down well with gamers. The inclusion of more options to either limit the players or to help with the chaos on the battlefield will be a welcome inclusion. Despite the shortcomings, the game is not something a Battlefield enthusiast should miss-out on.

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