BlueAir iClassic 680i review: Easy on your lungs, heavy on your pocket

Sadly, air purifiers are slowly turning into gadgets of necessity. We recently reviewed the new BlueAir iClassic 680i; find out what it does and if it's worth it.

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  • BlueAir iClassic 680i is priced at Rs 78,999.

  • Noisy, but effective.

  • Portable despite its large body.

Breathing in Delhi air is like breathing in toxins, and there’s little that anyone can say against that right now. However, with so much being said about the outdoor air quality in and around the city, we end up worrying so much about what’s happening outside, when what’s inside is what we should really be concerned about. From chemicals in cleaning products and hair sprays to dust and pollen, our home environment probably isn’t as clean as it could be. The situation was the same in my house. My family and I were obsessing over the disturbingly poor air in the city, and were chalking out plans of leaving the place. And that’s when I received an air purifier from BlueAir for review. Personally, it came in as a savior. Let me take you through my experience with the product.

I was sent the BlueAir iClassic 680i, which is the company’s top offering in India. To be fair, this is the first air purifier I have ever used, so I don’t have a benchmark to compare it with. But being somebody who has been facing the polluted air each day, my review is purely based on my experience.

If we talk about the design of the air purifier first, it’s not exactly compact. It is in fact not very easy to fit into a room. You can’t just slip it in a corner and think that no one would really notice it. There is another reason why people would notice it, but we are going to come back to that. The good thing is, it is not unpleasant to look at. It has a white body at the front and back, and on the sides it has filter grilles, which are deep grey in color. It is quite portable, despite its large body, because of the four wheels that sit under it.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have much marked on it. On the front it has a little blue light, which indicates if it is running or switched off. On the top, it has a very well designed panel, which is placed beneath a flap. I personally really like how discreetly they have placed the control panel.

As for the control panel itself, it has a touch-enabled surface, and includes control for Wi-Fi, power, fan speed, filter notification, an automatic mode, VOC and PM2.5. Now most of these controls are self-explanatory, but to address the automatic mode, it basically allows you to just set the purifier on the mode, and based on the pollution levels in the house, it itself increases or lowers its air-cleaning function. PM2.5 is basically a mode for the product to concentrate on cleaning the particulate matter in the air.

…we realize how the air in the house is noticeably better. And our dog agrees with us too

Now, here’s when we move to my experience bit of the air purifier. My family has come to grow very fond of this gadget in the house. Specially because we realize how the air in the house is noticeably better. And our dog agrees with us too. She has been nudging people to switch the air purifier on; she sits next to it till someone does that. I’m not sure if she prefers the clean air or the sound it makes, but I’d like to believe that it is the former.

Unfortunately, that sound is the second thing I talked about earlier, that wouldn’t let the air purifier go unnoticed by a guest in your house. While, noiseless gadgets are in, this BlueAir air purifier hasn’t been able to hop on to that trend. As I mentioned, the device has controls for fan-speed. It runs on three levels, and with each level the noise it makes doubles. At the third, it’s pretty much like a kitchen chimney at its highest speed. It is not particularly quiet at the lowest fan speed either. However, at the lowest speed, the sound does tend to turn into white noise that can be ignored by someone who lives in the house, but definitely not for someone who just walks in.

Having said that, it does it primary job well, which is to clean air. PM2.5 levels being anything above 50 can be very harmful. The day we connected the air purifier, we started off with a level of 441. With an excitement to get the purest air in just minutes, we blasted the air purifier, and impressingly, in about an hour’s time, the pm2.5 level was 60 in the house. A little while later, it brought the level down to 44.

And now, it has been almost two weeks that the air purifier has been running almost day and night in my house, and it is maintaining the level at as low as 18, which is pretty comfortable. But we also wanted to make sure that this purifier wasn’t just cleaning the air around itself and we were living in our own bubble of pure air. So we decided to move the purifier around the house and then regularly checked the pollutant reading. To our surprise, our house, the indoors of which are about 2,500 sq ft, had clean air in every room.

At this point you must be wondering how I am quoting all these figures. The air purifier comes with a connected app, which is available on both Android and iOS. It’s called Blueair Friend, and is a free download on both platforms. Although you have to register to connect for the indoor reading, even without registering, the app tells you the real time level of outdoor air quality index.

Connecting to the app is quite simple too. Just register with your basic information like name, number, email address and a password. Choose the model of your air purifier. Then, open the flap on the device and tap and hold on the Wi-Fi control for three seconds, till it lights up. Connect to your home Wi-Fi on the app, and you are set up! Now, you can use the app to monitor the pollutant level in your house at all times, and even remotely control the purifier.

So if you round up, I counted two cons of the BlueAir purifier, which was its size and the noise it makes, while the rest of the things are pretty much in its (and our) favor. However, the price tag of the product is another thing altogether. Priced at Rs 78,999, it’s not very affordable for most people in the country, or even the city of Delhi for that matter. There are much cheaper and almost as effective options available out there, for instance, the Mi Air Purifier 2, which retails at Rs 8,999. Essentially, experience-wise, the BlueAir iClassic 680i will not let you down, but it won’t be easy on your pocket (or ears) for sure.

  • Published Date: December 8, 2017 8:32 AM IST