Brainwavz Alpha In-Ear Headphones Review

The Brainwavz Alpha is the latest addition to the Hong Kong-based company’s popular line of affordable in-ear headphones, priced at Rs. 1,799.

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Hong Kong-based Brainwavz has been steadily increasing its presence in India, launching new products on a regular basis and keeping pricing competitive and affordable. With a product range that is priced from Rs 999 upwards, Brainwavz offers quality headphones and earphones at affordable prices. The product I’m reviewing today is the Brainwavz Alpha, a Rs 1,799 pair of in-ear headphones, that while small and otherwise ordinary looking, comes with the promise of rich bass and a clean sound. Let’s find out just what the Brainwavz Alpha is all about.

Brainwavz Alpha Design and Specifications
The Brainwavz Alpha in-ear headphones feature a compact design that is also lightweight thanks to the plastic casing. The Brainwavz logo is printed on the outer side, while the left and right indication symbols are on the inner side of the headphones. A rubber grip wraps around the back of each ear casing, which is useful when handling the earphones but gives the product a somewhat strange look that didn’t really appeal to us.

The in-ear headphones have a frequency response range of 15-28,000Hz, an impedance rating of 20Ohms and a sensitivity rating of 110dB. The cable of the headphones is an ordinary rubber-coated affair that’s very tangle-prone, but a Velcro band has been included to allow users to wrap the cable up when not in use. The headset notably lacks a microphone, which we consider a basic necessity with headphones in this price range. This makes it a purely audio-centric set of in-ears and quite useless when used with a phone since you cannot take calls on it.brainwavz alpha foam

The sales package includes four pairs of ear-tips, one of which is a Comply foam pair that offers a more secure fit. Brainwavz is one of the few brands that offers Comply tips with all of its in-ear products, including affordable options such as the Alpha.

Brainwavz Alpha Performance
I reviewed the Brainwavz Alpha using an Android smartphone and a Windows laptop as source devices. Focus tracks for the review were Shirley Bassey’s Diamonds Are Forever and Delta Heavy’s Ghost (Zomboy Remix).

Starting with Diamonds Are Forever, we were impressed with the way the headphones handle sound across the frequency range, particularly the mids. Bassey’s powerful voice resonates with strength, and it’s easy to pick up the fluctuations and nuances in her voice as she sings this James Bond track. There’s also a slight sensitivity spike in the high-end, which makes for effective treble that stops short of being excessive or too sparkly.brainwavz alpha 3

Moving on to the dubstep track Ghost, we were treated to some impressive bass handling by the Brainwavz Alpha. Just like with the treble, the headphones stop short of being excessive with the bass, offering a measured and tight response that is excellent for the price. The thump, while very real and present, never feels like too much, and we found this to be fantastic. The lack of excessive favor to any segment of the frequency range also ensures that the sound remains clean and never tires you too much.brainwavz alpha 2

The Brainwavz Alpha is a decent pair of headphones in the sub-Rs 2,000 price range, defined by its small profile, light weight, comfortable fit and impressive sound for the price. On the whole, I’m impressed with the headphones, as these make for fantastic commuter headphones that will offer you an exciting take on your music without tiring you out or forcing you to keep adjusting the headset or remove them to give your ears some air.

However, the biggest weakness here is the lack of a microphone. The Brainwavz Alpha sits in a price segment that makes its lack of a microphone a very significant omission. While the company may hope to pitch the product as an audio-centric option, buyers who want to use their headphones as a hands-free device with their mobile phones will likely choose to go for something else. The company’s own Delta, as well as the excellent Soundmagic E10S both offer similar levels of audio quality, but also include microphones. Nonetheless, buyers focused on sound quality will not be disappointed by the Brainwavz Alpha.

  • Published Date: November 16, 2016 10:15 AM IST