Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Pro Vacuum Cleaner Review: The strongest case for cordless vacuum cleaners yet

The Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Pro is powerful and lasts longer than its predecessor. It is also expensive. Does the cord-free vacuum cleaner justify its price?

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The soft dusting brush is ideal for cleaning LCD displays

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Pro 4 5
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  • The Dyson V10 is lighter and easier to handle than its predecessor.

  • It's also more powerful and has a quieter motor with longer battery life.

  • The high price might be hard to justify for most consumers, and is meant for fans of Dyson or premium buyers.

Apple revolutionized smartphones, Tesla made electric vehicles possible, Google refined search, Facebook connected people and following that theme, Dyson is making vacuum cleaners faster and cordless. For the better part of their invention, vacuum cleaners have stayed pretty much constant and Dyson is responsible for changing both the technology and the way they function. Last week, the company launched its most powerful stick-design vacuum cleaner yet in India that it believes will redefine the industry.

If you read our review of Dyson V8 then you already know that these vacuum cleaners mean serious business. With the new Cyclone V10 Absolute Pro, Dyson has made its cordless vacuum cleaner more powerful and battery efficient than its predecessor. It has also tweaked the design to be more consumer friendly and has packed a motor with performance that rivals corded vacuum cleaners. In fact, Dyson is so confident about the V10 that it has decided to stop making corded vacuum cleaners altogether. So, the question is not whether the Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Pro is good but rather the question is, just how good? So, let’s dig into the dust and figure out whether Dyson has delivered on its promise of being the best cordless vacuum cleaner.


You would be forgiven for not knowing anything about Dyson but the company is a leading brand in the household appliance segment. It entered India early this year as a premium brand for devices like air purifiers and vacuum cleaners and with the launch of Cyclone V10 Absolute Pro, it wants to enter households that would traditionally spend on a more powerful corded vacuum cleaner.

In order to win new customers, Dyson has built a vacuum cleaner that looks aesthetically beautiful and one that does not scream “vacuum cleaner” right out of the box. It features the stick based design like it’s predecessor but the motor now sits inline with the bin. This is a major change from the V8, where the motor was placed perpendicular to the bin. Dyson says it could make the motor more efficient and evenly distribute weight by moving the motor and placing the bin and suction inline with the overall assembly.

The design is definitely clever and it strikes the most when you hold the Dyson V10 and V8 side by side. Another major change this year is with the design of the bin. Dyson will be selling two models with a mid-sized bin like last year and another model with slightly larger bin. In India, we will be getting the model with smaller bin but the bin uses a new mechanism to push out debris into the trash. The bin has a red lever that push outward and the bin opens to vent the dust right into your trash. The mechanism also brushes dirt from upper part of the bin.

Dyson V10 Absolute Pro Cyclone Assembly

While the motor head looks identical to its predecessor, it has three power modes as opposed to two on previous model. Like the bin and motor, the filter is also inline with the motor head and suction, and it works on a push-and-rotate mechanism. The V10 has 14 cyclones as opposed to 12 on the previous model. There are ten cyclones on the exterior and four on the interior that serve the purpose of increasing airflow.

Dyson has also added a useful alert mechanism to the machine when the filter is not placed properly or when the suction passageway is blocked. With the V10, Dyson has essentially simplified every major and minor element of its cordless vacuum cleaner.

Performance and Battery Life

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Pro Motor Assembly

The Dyson V10 is an iterative model and it can be described as perfection in terms of form factor. However, consumers buy vacuum cleaners not just for design but for performance. The literary brain of Dyson V10 is a new motor, which rotates at 1,25,000 RPM, or just over 2,000 revolutions per second.

The new V10 motor produces a maximum power output of 525 Watts and is smaller than the V8. Dyson says it has been designing this motor for five years and claims more than 10 percent jump in performance. The increased speed and efficiency can be owed to a new shaft made of ceramic while the older model used a stainless steel shaft. Ceramic is lighter and stronger than stainless steel and importantly, it is also quieter.

Even when the machine sucks at maximum power, it emits much less noise than the outgoing model. The noise is curbed within the motor assembly using rubberized shielding. The brushless digital motor is capable of producing enough suction power to pull out normal dust and larger pieces of trash like chips or bits of paper.

I tested the Dyson V10 across multiple surfaces including polished concrete, carpet, kitchen floor, balcony and a passageway, now called home by a friendly pet. The vacuum was able to remove every bit of dirt from these places. It succeeds in removing all kinds of dirt with the help of an intelligent attachment. There is a soft roller head which is ideal for bare floor cleaning while a slightly toughened version that removes dirt from the couch and carpet. There is a combination tool ideal for removing dirt from a kitchen station or dirt in a remote corner. Dyson also bundles a stick-shaped attachment that removes dirt from crevices.

There is also an attachment with extremely soft bristles for cleaning gadgets and electronics such as televisions and computer monitors. There is even an attachment to extend your reach for cleaning things like an electrical fan or the roof. There is nothing you cannot do with the assortment of attachments that Dyson offers with its vacuum cleaners. While traditional vacuum cleaners would typically clean only one plane of your room, the Dyson V10 can be used across six different planes using the right attachment.

The Dyson V10, like most other vacuum cleaners, performs its best when you use it for dry cleaning. It can easily pick up any loose dirt lying around in your home and can even remove dirt from under furniture with attachments like combination tool or direct drive cleaner head. It also works best when you clean a carpet using the soft roller head, making it ideal for small shops and homes. Globally, Dyson sells three different models named V10 Total Clean, V10 Animal and V10 Absolute. In India, it is only bringing the Absolute which includes all the attachments and can remove pet hair like the V10 Animal does. At the maximum power setting, where the motor generates 525 Watts of power at 1,25,000 RPM, the Dyson V10 can remove pet hair from any kind of surrounding. There have been occasions when I have run the vacuum cleaner through wet dirt, while it has the power to suck that dirt, it is not recommended by the company.

While it stands out with phenomenal power and performance, the Dyson V10 also comes with improved battery life. At the lowest power setting and connected to a motorized head, the Dyson V10 can last up to 60 minutes. The new cord-free vacuum cleaner is 50 percent more efficient than its predecessor. At maximum setting, it lasts for seven minutes with a motorized head and five minutes with a non-motorized head. Well, it might not sound like a lot but Dyson notes that most consumers won’t be using the highest setting all the time.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that most Indian homes use mopping as a method to clean their home without noticing that the process releases a lot of dirt in the air. A vacuum cleaner like the Dyson V10, on the other hand, makes do with such a practice even if you clean your home for 15 minutes and four times a day.

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Verdict: Should you buy?

The Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Pro is priced at Rs 44,999, which is definitely a lot of money for a vacuum cleaner. Even spending Rs 40,000 on a vacuum cleaner might sound like a lot but Dyson is different. Technically, the new Dyson V10 is the Tesla of vacuum cleaners. It is fast, powerful, has an efficient battery and has a cleaning mechanism that is superior to everything else in the market.

If you believe that good things never come cheap then the Dyson V10 is definitely that good thing. Buying it right away for Rs 44,900 may not seem ideal but any discount on this price must be seen as a compelling purchase. And if you’re willing to shell out for it, it’s easily worth it purely for the technological value.

  • Published Date: July 31, 2018 8:46 AM IST