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Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier Review: Elegant, effective and expensive

Dyson Pure Cool is an elegantly designed air purifier that comes with a huge price tag. But does it effectively purify the air?

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  • The Dyson Pure Cool ensures effective removal of pollutants at any time of the day.

  • You get a smart and useful app with the option to remotely control the machine.

  • The display dims at night for a pleasant appearance.

If you recently entered your home and started coughing or sneezing then it could be because of two reasons: a) You have a cough or cold, or b) You are breathing poor quality of air. While the first reason can be termed as illness, the latter is a serious health hazard.

According to government data, India had the highest number of pollution related deaths. In 2015, around 2.5 million people died because of poor air quality. The quality of air is not a static parameter, but rather a dynamic one. It varies from good to bad when you move throughout country. The states or cities closer to the coast tend to have generally better quality of air.

In 2015, I moved from Mumbai to New Delhi for work and experienced the now infamous winter of North for the first time. One of my observations is that it is not only cold but also that time of the year when people tend to complain about having throat pain. It is the time when sales of Strepsils hit a record high (I am assuming here). At the outset, the problem often seems to be the one with air outside but we often tend to neglect the air inside our home. Adding to the problem is the open windows which let in the exhaust of a passing vehicle in addition to dust and pollen that normally enter your home.

This particular situation also gives rise to business opportunity and introduction of devices like air purifier. As the name implies, an air purifier is meant to purify the air and make it safe enough for you to breathe, without any worry. For the past week, I have been testing Dyson Pure Cool Advanced Technology, the updated version of Pure Cool Link at my home in Mumbai. While the city does not have as much pollution as the Delhi NCR region, it is still assuring to know that you are breathing clean air.

Design and Technology

The Dyson Pure Cool comes in desk and tower models

Dyson is a renowned brand when it comes to designing vacuum cleaners, fans and air purifiers. While its products address a particular need at home, they also tend to make them visually striking. The Dyson Pure Cool Advanced Technology has design similar to that of the previous model with the shape of a tower that stands 1054mm tall and is around 206mm wide. The purifier has a static circular base around which the tower part rotates to project clean air. This base has a diameter of 223mm and the air purifier weighs 4.98kg.

The Dyson Pure Cool looks radically different from anything else in the market. It has an intimidating appearance that will be ideal for a sci-fi film yet does not take a lot of space in a room. It is also kid and pet friendly. The machine is delivered to your doorstep in parts and assembling them it pretty easy. Once you swap the filters into place and snap the covers on top of them, the machine is configured to use.

In comparison to the older model, the filters that come with Dyson Pure Cool Advanced Technology are double layered to effectively remove dust particles. Dyson has also separated the carbon and HEPA filter into individual units so they can trap particulate matters with precision. Dyson claims the Pure Cool is capable of removing up to 99.7 percent of pollutants from indoor air.

The Dyson Pure Cool is capable of monitoring presence of particulate matters in PM 2.5 and PM 10 sizes. It can also track the presence of volatile organic compounds and nitrogen dioxide. At the base of the device, there are three sensors. One sensor is an optical sensor that uses an infrared light source to check for presence of particulate matters. The second sensor checks for volatile organic compounds which can be anything from fragrance to paint coating. There is also another sensor that monitors indoor room temperature and humidity in the air.

Dyson Pure Cool comes with its own remote shaped like an iPod Nano

An addition this year is a tiny screen that shows Air Quality Index, values of PM 2.5 and PM10, ambient temperature and humidity. Users of the Pure Cool can also connect the machine to their smartphones via Dyson Link that shows all of these values and lets you remotely control the machine. Apart from showing the quality of air indoors, it also shows quality of outdoor air, which clearly distinguishes the air we breathe and the air in the outside environment. Dyson also gives a tiny remote that looks similar to an iPod Nano and magnetically latches to the top of the machine. However, I ended up using the app-based remote control more than the physical remote.

How fast does it clean the room?

Dyson Pure Cool’s effectiveness is made possible by its filter mechanism

As soon as we unboxed and got the machine setup and running, the purifier showed that the air quality index in my home to be around 100 and 120, which I believe is exactly what it was outside at that time. Within 15 to 20 minutes, the Dyson Pure Cool brought it down to sub-50 levels. The machine shows these values in green, yellow and red colors. The yellow color represents moderate-quality air while red indicates harmful air.

Even moderate-quality air can cause breathing discomfort to elderly people and asthma patients. One instance I particularly remember well is when a family member sprayed deodorant in the bedroom and the machine caught and started cleaning the air immediately. This is where Dyson distinctly stands out from other air purifiers in the market. Its sensors are so quick to catch the pollutant that one can be assured that the air purifier will keep your room air clean at all times.

With the Pure Cool, Dyson also brings its bladeless fan technology to the air purifier. The system works on the principle of projection where cool and clean air is projected towards the user using airflow. The user can also select oscillation mode where the Pure Cool will rotate between 90 and 350-degrees to project clean air around the room. In addition to projection, Dyson has also built a diffused mode on Pure Cool Advanced Technology where the machine purifies the room but does not project the air towards the user. Dyson relies on vents designed like aerodynamic wings of an F1 car to project the air away from the user.

As I observed in my review of the Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Pro vacuum cleaner, Dyson is super conscious about the noise emitted by its machines. With the fan spinning at max speed (represented as 10) on the machine and app, the Pure Cool seemed much quieter than some of the competing products. Dyson uses an extensive amount of rubber padding inside the machine to curb the noise from going outside the machine.

I must admit that I did not have any scientific tools to test how effectively Pure Cool removed pollutants from air inside my house but the indicators on-board the machine did suggest that it was helping us breath better quality air. I would say that the presence of Pure Cool in my bedroom made me feel assured that the air is clean and it even translates into sound sleep at night.

Should you buy?

All you need is a machine to say that AQI is good

There has never been a better time to take the quality of air that we breathe seriously. Air Pollution is a real hazard and how immediately we address this real problem will define the future. While one can always expect authorities and environment protection agencies to take necessary action to curb air pollution, we can do somethings ourselves to limit our own exposure to polluted air. One such effort would be to invest in an air purifier.

If you have made up your mind to buy an air purifier then the question would be which one to buy? Dyson Pure Cool or something else. After using this Pure Cool, I clearly know that this is not meant for me. Living in Mumbai where the AQI stays moderate most of the time, a standard air purifier would do the job relatively well and investing Rs 43,900 does not really seem justified. However, if I had been in New Delhi or anywhere in the NCR region then the Dyson Pure Cool is where my money would be.

In a highly toxic environment where the AQI can surpass 400-500 levels, Dyson Pure Cool not only has the ability to purify the air and make it good to breathe, it also has the right sensors and quality filters to maintain that level. If you want the ultimate best in terms of air purification then you cannot get anything better than Dyson Pure Cool at this moment.

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  • Published Date: August 3, 2018 9:34 AM IST