Dyson Air Purifier Hot+Cool (HP07) review: Answer to the year-long air pollution problem

I have been testing the Dyson Air Purifier Hot+Cool (HP07) for a while, and here I will be detailing my experience with the device and telling you if it is the air purifier that would fulfil your needs.

Published:Fri, April 01, 2022 8:03pm

By Karanveer Singh Arora

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Living in a city like Delhi does have its perks, but it is also one of the most polluted cities across the globe. While people have gotten used to the pollution and continue to go on with their daily lives, it is pretty harmful to the human body. While many would argue that they mostly stay indoors, which is why their exposure to pollutants is minimal, it is far from true.

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Indoor pollution is a very serious issue these days. Pollutant levels are pretty high even indoors, due to air circulation and it is recommended for you to own an air purifier for you to have a healthy living environment at your home or office.

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Dyson is one of the premier companies in the air purification sector. It recently launched its top-of-the-line Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool (HP07) air purifier in the country and I have been testing it for a while, and here I will be detailing my experience with the device and telling you if it is the air purifier that would fulfil your needs.

Dyson Air Purifier Hot+Cool (HP07): Design

The Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool (HP07) looks pretty similar to its predecessor, with a bladeless fan design and the filter housing at the base.

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The base features two slide off grilles, inside of which you insert the air filter units. The mesh-like grille ensures ample airflow and does act as a deterrent to some of the pollutants. Just above the grilles, you get to see a colour display, which showcases air quality details, and other basic controls. The display and the bladeless fan design, while dated, do not encourage fatigue to the eyes and still manage to look futuristic. I personally would have preferred a larger display with more details.

The unit only consists of a power button, and to do anything else you would be required to reach out for the remote control. You can also control the device using the Dyson Link app, which does manage to get stuff done, and provide a bit more granular control compared to the remote.

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Overall, the Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool (HP07) looks pretty futuristic and will give your home a Jetsons-type look. I personally have liked the bladeless fan design for a long time, and it still manages to appeal to my fancies, while intriguing any guest that I host.

Dyson Air Purifier Hot+Cool (HP07): Performance

Air Pollution only comes to our mind when we see it. However, please believe in what you don't see. As per the AQI measures, poor air quality is a year-round problem, and not only outdoors but indoors as well. Bad air quality affects our health whether young or old, so buying an air purifier is not a seasonal thing, we need clean air 365 days a year.

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One of the key features of the Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool (HP07) apart from air purification is that it doubles as a heater for the cold winters. The heating function works very well and manages to control room temperature with ease, while at the same time purifying the air inside. I found that the heater comes in very handy, and is worth the extra money, considering that it saves on space and electricity.

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The bladeless design seems to be extremely efficient, considering that the fan operates almost silently, while throwing out a lot of purified air your way. According to the device readings, it managed to bring down the pollution levels from 600 to below 50 within 15 minutes of operation in a medium sized room, all of which can be attributed to the airflow rate. The fan speed can be controlled, along with the direction of the throw.

The filter being used inside of the HP07 meets the HEPA H13 standard and can also capture the H1N1 virus along with 99.95 percent of particles as small as 0.1 microns. Apart from this, the company claims that the HP07 is a fully-sealed machine, which does not let any dirty air bypass the filters and let back into the room.

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While most air purifiers pass the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) lab test method, where the air quality is measured with only one sensor, Dyson claims to have done multiple tests to confirm that the air purifier is capable of purifying air evenly to every corner of the room. While all of these are lab tests, and we cannot confirm the stats due to the lack of proper equipment, the air quality with the HP07 running feels the same at every corner in the room. Comparatively running my Xiaomi air purifier, the difference of quality is evident as we move to the other corner of the room.

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One good feature that I liked a lot about the air purifier is that it reports air quality on a real-time basis. Along with the overall air quality information, the air purifier also allows users to get other real-time updates like PM 2.5 and PM10 levels, humidity levels, VOC levels and more. The Dyson Link app provides much more in-depth details regarding the real-time pollution levels, performance of the air purifier and more.

Dyson Air Purifier Hot+Cool (HP07): Verdict

Air purifiers have become a necessity these days, but the question remains that which one is the one for you. Dyson air purifiers are currently amongst the best air purifiers that you can get. Testing the HP07 made me realise how much better it is compared to the cheaper alternatives I have been using, and I can say for certain that the extra amount paid for them is worth it.

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The Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool (HP07) is a very good purifier and it also helps in the winters as it doubles as a room heater too. Overall performance aside, it also sports a futuristic design, which would make any room look instantly cooler than it is.

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