Dyson v8 vacuum cleaner review: Hassle-free and silent cleaning

An innovative product that solves a major urban problem of keeping the home dust free.

Dyson v8 attachments

Dyson v8 4.5 5
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  • The Dyson V8 is light, yet powerful

  • It takes away the pain from vacuuming your home

  • But the best part is it's silent

Dust is a common domestic problem in India. It’s something you can’t escape from. Besides, sweeping only makes it worse. That’s the primary reason for the rise of awareness around air purifiers. The idea of vacuuming the house sounds good, but isn’t convenient. The noise associated with vacuuming is the biggest turn off. The long cable fixed to the plug point also doesn’t come across as encouraging to the idea of cleaning. In fact, I’ve had quite a few experiences with vacuum cleaners, few of which are positive. That changed with the Dyson v8 vacuum cleaner. Here’s my review.

How a vacuum cleaner must be

What got me excited about the Dyson v8 is that it’s a powerful, silent, cordless vacuum cleaner. All at once. The company is known for its futuristic design and research with motors that finds its way into interesting consumer electronics products. The other two popular products by Dyson are the Pure Cool air purifier and the Supersonic Hair Dryer. At the center of all of these products are efficient and technologically superior motors.

Six precious years of my life (under graduation and graduation) were spent in learning the marvels of engineering. But nothing prepared me for the beauty called a digital motor. Twenty years ago, the closest I got to an impressive motor technology was the stepper motor, which could be controlled via a micro-controller. And based on instructions that were keyed in, it would move as per a specific logic. It  moves one step at a time. It could even do precise movements like a clock if you needed it to.

Such a capability opened up the possibility of using a clock program to run the stepper motor, and then controlling needles on a large dial. It also allowed music systems as we called them a couple of decades ago to be controlled via an infrared remote control. You could control the volume levels on the remote, and the volume dial on the music system would move. It’s a memory close to my heart, from way over 25 years ago. Making the motor move from over the air was nothing short of impressive.

The reason for describing this memory is that over the past thirty years, not a single piece of consumer electronics technology in the Indian market has impressed me as much as the Dyson v8. Even the Pure Cool, despite its advanced capabilities, was doing great at most. The Dyson v8, it simply outstanding. It’s light, relatively silent, portable, and cordless. That’s exactly how a vacuum cleaner must be.

The convenience of a cordless vacuum machine

Have you ever been asked by your parent to clean the home? In case you enjoy doing so, and the manual effort that needs to be put in, and detest the use of home appliances, you could conveniently ignore the rest of this review. But if you loathe the thought of spending your late evenings and weekends when you’re not working and intend to spend to yourself at home, then you need to discover the Dyson v8.

From my own experiences with a vacuum cleaner, the noise, hassle of dragging a long cord along and the allergy with dust are huge turn offs. And since the v8 is a cordless, well designed, comparatively silent piece of technology that wouldn’t scare the kid in the room, it’s fun to clean the room when mom says so.

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The vast list of handy attachments

The v8 comes with 10 useful attachments that lets you do more. You can clean the upper surface of the ceiling fan that hides tons of dust. A special attachment allows you to turn the suction tube and get it inverted above the fan blade. In addition, it lets you clean behind a cupboard, allowing you to bend the suction tube to literally scratch the surface of the cupboard beside the wall and suck the dust out.

There’s also a motorized attachment for the carpets, as well as a tiled floor. There’s one for the crevices by the sofa, one for cushions, and one for hard surfaces. There’s another for keyboards, and there’s one for large surfaces. There’s one like a hose, allowing you to take it where you want.

Using these attachments is convenient. And given the design of the vacuum cleaner, it’s as convenient as a cordless telephone. Simply pick it up from the charging doc, like you would pick up a broom. Once you are done cleaning, simply place it back, like you would a broom. It’s that simple. It’s that convenient. Never again would you have to have cables following you, with the fear of someone tripping over.


The price of all the design and product innovation that has gone into the Dyson v8 vacuum cleaner is Rs 39,900. Once you are able to come to terms with the steep pricing for this vacuum cleaner, it’s worth every bit of it. Unlike robotic vacuum cleaners that can only help you clean just one of the six lateral surfaces in your room, the Dyson v8 makes up for all possible shortcomings with its portable motor, and a vast set of extensions.

  • Published Date: May 15, 2018 10:13 AM IST
  • Updated Date: May 15, 2018 11:46 AM IST