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Energy Sistem Energy Music Box B2 Review: A standard music experience for the price

Is this worth the price, or is it perhaps a bit too expensive? Find out in our review.

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Energy Sistem is a Spanish audio company that is making headway into India, and one of its products is the Energy Sistem Energy Music Box B2 portable Bluetooth speaker. This nifty little device is a budget Bluetooth speaker for people who don’t want to spend too much money. I tried out the device and here’s my review of the Energy Sistem Energy Music Box B2 portable Bluetooth speaker.


The Energy Sistem Energy Music Box B2 portable Bluetooth speaker has a rather straightforward boxy design with the logo of the company on the front grille of the device. It only has dimensions of 143 x 57 x 30 mm and weighs 214 g which makes it shorter than most smartphones today and weigh just as much. This makes the device rather portable and would fit inside the pockets of most men’s trousers.

Now the Music Box B2 comes in three colors, but I reviewed the black variant and it looks compact with all the buttons situated on top of the device. The buttons include volume rockers, a bluetooth search button, a play and pause button that double as the on and off button and the previous and next track buttons.

Besides these, the device has the mini USB-A charging port on the rear panel beside the 3.5mm output port, and these are covered by a rubber panel. Though the grille seems to wrap around the left side of the device to cover the back, the speakers are only on the front. The base panel of the device is made entirely out of rubber that makes sure it does not slide off shiny surfaces.


In terms of audio specifications the Music Box B2 features 2.0 dynamic full range stereo speakers, with passive radiators: one front diaphragm, and a frequency response of 80 Hz ~ 20 KHz. Each of the speakers are 40 mm in diameter that produce 6W power.

Now that the on paper specs of the device is out of the way, let’s see how it really performed. I played a range of audio on the device, and the high of the device seemed dominant compared to the mids and lows. This means that the music gets preference on this device compared to the bass or the voice.

The audio held fine up until it is pushed to the maximum when it loses some accuracy. And in terms of the accurate audio reproduction, this speaker seems to be perfect for a small room at best. And the connectivity range of 10m of the Bluetooth 4.0 on the device has not been understated. The device is not water or dust resistant so I would suggest caution when taking the device outside.

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The 800mAh battery on the device turned out to be a surprising positive factor and lasted almost over 9 hours by my testing compared to the advertised 10 hours. This is rather good for a device of this price and is definitely a point in its favor.


The Energy Sistem Energy Music Box B2 is priced at Rs 3,499, and this could turn out to be counter productive for the device. This price range pits it against the likes of Sony Extra Bass SRS-XB10 and Ultimate Ears Roll 2 which have a better audio experience as well as better protection against harsh weather. If only the device had a lower pricing, it could have taken on the market in a more effective manner.

  • Published Date: May 8, 2018 7:13 PM IST
  • Updated Date: May 8, 2018 7:16 PM IST