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GOQii Vital Review: More fitness focussed than the Apple Watch

It's good to know there are effective options in the wearables space that can push you to a fitter and healthier life.

  • Published: September 13, 2018 11:30 AM IST
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  • What makes GoQii an interesting product is what the service offers you.

  • Although the wearables market is getting crowded, the GoQii service is a effective differentiator.

  • It's an impressive tool to stay motivated in your quest for fitness.

I heard about GOQii a few years ago. I’ve had friends and colleagues talk about it. But somehow, I’d never quite taken the proposition too close to heart. That changed with the new GOQii Vital. Over the past couple of months, I’ve been wearing the new GOQii Vital, and it’s been an experience of a different kind in my journey towards fitness. Here’s my review.

Understanding GOQii

Before the GOQii, my go to fitness wearable/smartwatch has been the Apple Watch. I agree it’s not an ideal comparison. Between the two, they cater to two different needs and audiences. They serve different purposes. In terms of hardware and device, the Apple Watch is still way ahead of the GOQii. But all said and done, sleek doesn’t get you slim. Skill and schooling does as I learned the hard way. Ask a friend who’s trying to quit an addiction such as smoking. The battle to get in shape isn’t any less arduous. Similarly, it helps to have a buddy in the gym. It’s this basic premise upon which GOQii is built, and thrives. As a result, GOQii is more effective in pushing you to see results when you need it the most.

The Apple Watch is a lifestyle product. It enhances your raiment. Even has more finesse. In comparison, despite being a black band on your wrist, GOQii serves one purpose exceptionally well – handhold you through the racetrack to fitness. And it ensures you’re pushed, motivated, irritated, broken, encouraged, and inspired to sprint to a fitter life. It’ll ensure you’re nudged enough to lift your butt, and burn some calories. It brings out the real you. And it does that much more effectively than the Apple Watch. Because a living human does it for you.

What is the secret to fitness?

This is a golden question many have asked. Those who find the answer to this question discover among the greatest secrets to life itself. The new age is ridden with perils of obesity, and lifestyle disorders. It’s unfortunate that the trophies of prosperity in our time are hypertension, diabetes, and the like.

A fitness band can give you all the data you want. But the problem lies in you (and me). Translating that data into corrective and proactive action is where we fail 99.99 percent of the time.

With GOQii, it’s all about people. There’s someone to coach you, and there are friends to cheer you.

Even if we begin, we’re generally not able to go beyond a few days. Most of us who need help have been there. That’s how GOQii works. It isn’t a fitness band. It’s a service. That’s why you don’t pay a price upfront. Instead you subscribe to a service. This is priced anywhere between Rs 3,499 for three months, Rs 4,999 for six months or Rs 5,999 for twelve months.

What you get with a GOQii subscription is access to a nutritionist every single day. And not just access. The nutritionist hand holds you through each day, each meal, guiding you on dos and don’ts. Over the period of a few days, you will begin to have more conversations around your life’s fitness goals, and health parameters than you ever had. It’s an integral part of growing up I realize.

You pay for a subscription

Yes you read that right. The band itself is free. As long as you are subscribed to the GOQii service, you get access to a coach and professional consultation. So if you find fitness bands from other companies sold at an affordable tag, here’s a more effective deal.

The road to fitness

When you embark on your journey to a life of fitness, you’ll realize how difficult you need to strive to stay on course. It’s the guidance of a professional that makes all the difference. Knowing what you know and don’t know is what helps you stay on course. And that perspective is brought about by professionals who are accessible day and night.

I feel guilty for not being as responsive to the suggestions of the coach. Yet, my coach has always been patient and encouraging.

The setup process

When you open the box, you’d find the GOQii device and the band are dismantled. You’d need to press the bands into either side to lock it in place. Install the GOQii app on your phone, and enter a few health parameters such as your age, gender, health and weight.

Just focus on logging as much data as you can, and it gives your coach information to guide you, so you don’t have to do any data crunching.

GOQii also asks you for your goals. That’s when you’d have a one-on-one conversation with yourself. Fortunately I’m not obese just yet, but stress management and regulating my sleep remained major priorities, with the third and last being weight management. Based on the goals you select, GOQii will prompt a selection of nutritionists. The next step is a phone call with the health expert to understand your current health and lifestyle situation before recommending corrective action.

Getting familiar

The first week, I found myself getting used to the band itself. Since I’ve also been wearing the Apple Watch, initially I had both the GOQii band as well as Apple Watch on my wrist much to the amusement of family and friends. That changed gradually.

Overall experience

After putting it off for a few days, I got on a call with my nutritionist. We discussed my food habits, activity and sleep patterns. She appeared to make notes of these as I discovered later. The app provides a chat interface where you can pose all your queries anytime you have them. After I got used to the band, which I’d say would be week three, everything from the interface, conversations with the nutritionist started getting streamlined in my mind. By the third week I noticed changes in my food habits as well. As people who have known me closely would attest, my consumption of sprouts and salads went up significantly. I was walking much more.

After using the service for a couple of months, I’d say I’ve seen improvements in all three of my desired goals. I’ve managed to keep my devices away in the night before getting to bed, resulting in better quality of sleep. That has been something I’ve dealt with for a long time. Since, the constant positive and reinforcing pestering on part of my GOQii coach has made me focus on my personal health, I realize that I’ve found myself better equipped to deal with stress. I believe none of us can be perfect there, considering life itself is abundant with stressors, but a step in the positive direction is worth valuing.

Among the fast feature list is the ability to measure heart rate, blood pressure, track steps and distance, monitor exercise cycles and workouts, and it does this for a week straight. That’s convenient because you could simply charge your GOQii on a Sunday evening, and it’ll last you the whole week. However, when it comes to health and clinical parameters, I’m wary of trusting consumer devices. As I’ve mentioned here, aspects such as blood pressure are critical parameters, and wearables can no way replace them.


The biggest hurdle to fitness is motivation. If you are motivated enough, and are conscious enough to make time within your active day to get fit, you’ve overcome the biggest barrier there is. And between the other fitness bands or smartwatches and the GOQii, I can vouch for this service’s ability to get you up and running, and be responsible with your plate of food.

I’ve seen change in my approach to food, and I’m sure anyone using it would as well. And for that itself, I’d quite confidently recommend the GOQii Vital to anyone looking for a fitter lifestyle.

  • Published Date: September 13, 2018 11:30 AM IST