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HyperX Cloud Alpha S Gaming Headset Review: Great for gaming, not much else

The HyperX Cloud Alpha S is the newest gaming headphone to join the HyperX lineup and is a 7.1 surround sound headphones that comes with a USB-mixer. Here's our review.

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  • Lightweight design for long hours of gaming

  • Sleek and minimalist design with less bling

  • Excellent audio for gaming

One of the most essential senses for a gamer is sound, which sometimes accounts for more than vision. A gamer can detect footsteps of an opponent through walls and prepare to intercept without seeing them. Hence, the importance of proper gaming headphones. And the newest gaming headphone to join the HyperX lineup is the new HyperX Cloud Alpha S. This is a pair of 7.1 surround sound headphones that come with a USB-mixer. It launched in India at a price of Rs 13,200. I used the headset for a whole week while gaming, and here’s my review of the HyperX Cloud Alpha S Gaming Headset.

Design of the HyperX Cloud Alpha S Gaming Headset

The HyperX Cloud Alpha S is a sleek looking headset when compared to the other over the head gaming headsets. It is on the more subtle side and avoids the bling (RGB and other LED lights). It comes with a solid over the head foam frame with blue threading. The earcups are held by blue metal mesh that originate from the over the head frame. The earcups are large enough to encompass ears and keep noise out. The HyperX logo is stamped in blue on the earcups.

The left earcup houses the ports for the 3.5mm jack as well as the detachable microphone. The microphone itself is malleable in design and has a sponge to filter out the gusts of breath when speaking into it. Both the left and the right earcups come with slits that have sliders to adjust the bass in the earcups. The slider has a small and a big hole for more cavity and space for the air to reverberate and create bass.

The earcups are rather comfortable which makes sure that long hours of gaming are not stressful for the ears and the head. What is rather thoughtful of HyperX is that it provided an extra pair of earcup sponges that can be used to replace the original ones if they wear out. The earcup sponges come with faux leather over them that are thin enough to not be to punishing for the region they cover. The underside of the headband use this same material. While the top of the headband frame is covered in a textured faux leather.

The cable is braided and the one from the headset ends in 3.5mm jack that can be connected to a mixed that comes with options to adjust in-game and chat volume, along with volume up and down buttons and a mute button. This mixer comes with a USB connector that can be connected to a PC.


The HyperX Cloud Alpha S is essentially a gaming headset and performs brilliantly as one. But if the user were to play music on it, they may not enjoy it as much. The explanation is simple, it comes with excellent directional audio, but it lacks in its mids and lows. The headphones create loud and clear audio which makes the direction of the footsteps as well as the textures those feet are running on absolutely distinguishable. You will have zero issues understanding if someone is approaching you from the back and are running on gravel and not concrete.

But even with its adjustable bass slider, the HyperX Cloud Alpha S falls somewhat short when playing music. It has excellent highs with balanced mids, but it is lacking when it comes to the lows. Another inconvenience that I faced was that the cable with the mixer attached became too long to be managed properly. I coiled it up and placed it behind the keyboard, but that made it hard for me to reach the mixer. The mixer comes with a clip which means it could be attached to a pocket, but sadly I am in the habit of wearing tee-shirts when gaming.

The 7.1 surround option enhances the audio experience quite a bit, and the game and chat audio controller works just fine. But the headset does not have its own volume control rather just adjusts the volume of the device.


The HyperX Cloud Alpha S is excellent when it comes to gaming and its environments. It is very comfortable which means that wearing it for long sessions of gaming is no bother at all. It has both the options for USB and a 3.5mm which means it is quite versatile and adaptable.

But on the negatives it is not the best in its class when someone just wants some music to enjoy. And the cable may become a little unmanageable at times. For its price it is a great gaming headset. But if the user wants to enjoy some music at the same time, they have other options.

  • Published Date: October 31, 2019 11:02 AM IST