Tagg Sports+ Wireless Headphones Review: If you want something affordable

The Tagg Sports+ headset doesn’t cost a lot of money, and functions wirelessly, and we review it to see if it could be a good start into wireless audio for you.

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Tagg Sports Plus 2.5 5
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  • The Tagg Sports+ is available for Rs 3,499.

  • While the earphones are metal, the remote is plastic.

  • The battery lasts for about 5-6 hours on a single charge.

A lot of the queries I get regarding Bluetooth headphones are in the affordable category. People are beginning to realize the advantages of wireless listening and choosing to invest in the convenience of it. With prices having dropped significantly, it’s now possible to get a decent pair of wireless headphones for under Rs 5,000, with a handful of decent options available even at under Rs 3,000. Don’t expect anything too fancy, but you will get basic competence for an affordable price.

Today, we’re reviewing the Tagg Sports+ wireless headphones. Priced at Rs 3,499, this is a basic wireless headset with nothing much in the form of features. However it does come with an interesting design, and achieves the basic purpose with Bluetooth connectivity, an in-line remote and microphone, and a convenient form factor. Here’s our review of the Tagg Sports+.

Tagg Sports+ Design and Specifications

The design of the Tagg Sports+ can be described as functional and tasteful. With metal casings, rubber grips on the outside for a snug fit and comfortable silicon eartips, the entire product is designed to be efficient and wearable. A short cable connects the two earbuds, with an in-line remote and microphone closer to the right earbud. Interestingly, the two earbuds can be magnetically clamped when not in use for easier storage.

The battery for the headset is on the in-line remote and consists of two 60mAh units totalling 120mAh. Tagg claims battery run time of eight hours on a single charge, but we were able to get about 5-6 hours during our time with the headset. Charging is through a micro-USB port on the remote itself, and on the whole the remote is poorly designed. The rubber flap covering the micro-USB port is very difficult to open without the help of a small sharp object to wedge in, and this naturally risks damage. The unit itself is plastic, and feels very cheap. The headset isn’t rated for water resistance, so the protective flap seems pointless.

The headset weighs about 180 grams in total, and relies on Bluetooth 4.1 for wireless connectivity. Charging takes about an hour when connected to a laptop. The fit is comfortable, and the microphone functions well enough for calls. It’s compact and well built for the most part, and we explore performance in the next section of the review.

Tagg Sports+ Performance

I used the Tagg Sports+ with an Apple iPhone 8 for much of the review, using Apple Music for music tracks. Focus tracks were The Weeknd’s Party Monster, and Feed Me’s Crazy Maybe.

Starting with Party Monster, I found the sound to be, well, boring. That’s not to say that the Tagg Sports+ sounds bad, and sound is acceptable without any real flaws. It appears to be a flat sonic signature, but the neutrality doesn’t have any strong tonality or definition to go with it. It isn’t soft, but it isn’t too loud either. However, what certainly lacks is excitement, and when the soft bass elements kick in, there’s no thump or attack in the sound whatsoever. While such a sonic signature might be okay with gentle ambient music, it simply does not work with the majority of popular genres.

Moving on to the aggressive Crazy Maybe, this song is a true test of attack and drive, as well as low-end handling. In the case of the Tagg Sports+ there’s none of it. Bass sounds strained and bordering on distorted, the headphones feel slow and uninspired, and there’s nothing to enjoy in the sound. On the bright side, it’s an incredibly comfortable and non-fatiguing sound. There are no sharp tinges or striking hits to the sound; vocals are audible on the same level as the rest of the elements and it’s easy to have these headphones running in the background of your attention. However, a bit of sharpness is what adds character to the sound, but the Tagg Sports+ lacks character entirely.


It might be unfair to expect the world of a pair of wireless headphones that cost just Rs 3,499, and indeed the Tagg Sports+ does deliver when it comes to design and battery. While the remote and charging feels a bit cheap and counter-intuitive, it’s still a well-built product. Unfortunately, the sound is just too boring, and characterless to consider this headset worthwhile.

At this price, you could also buy the Brainwavz Blu-200, which may not be as well designed but delivers better audio performance. Another option to consider is the Jabra Elite 25e, which is built better on the whole, and has marginally better sound as well. The Tagg Sports+ is worth your while only if you listen to gentle ambient music or want a convenient design for use when commuting.

  • Published Date: January 24, 2018 1:03 PM IST