The Chilli K188 is a fidget spinner with a phone built into it. Wait, what?

The Chilli K188 isn’t a smartphone. It isn’t even a normal phone. This is a fidget spinner with an antenna and the ability to place calls, if that even seems believable.

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Have you ever thought to yourself, “I would like my fidget spinner to place calls.” I haven’t. I haven’t met anyone that has either. Because the concept is so absurd that it makes no sense to most of us. Yet, here we are. Here is our review of the Chilli K188, a phone that has the distinct ability to call itself a fidget spinner phone.

Let’s be clear at the outset; the Chilli K188 is not a smartphone. It’s an ordinary phone with a numeric keypad that can do a few basic things, but don’t expect it to run WhatsApp or even take pictures due to its lack of a camera. Available for as little as Rs 1,049 online, the Chilli K188 is a toy that you can use for calls.

It’s available in four colors: blue, red, gold and black. The battery is technically removable, but remains connected through a thin cable into the phone directly, rather than through contact points. Below the battery are the slots for microSD card (up to 8GB) and the SIM card. Charging the phone is through a micro-USB port at the bottom, and the phone comes with a charging cable included in the box but no wall power adapter. There is a 280mAh battery in the phone, along with 32MB of RAM and 32MB of internal storage. You can also pair Bluetooth devices for hands-free calling, save contacts, record sound, view video, or listen to music on the device. ALSO READ: World’s first fidget spinner mobile launched in India: Everything you need to know

As you can see, things are fairly simple, and perhaps even a bit crude. That continues even when you turn it on. The phone powers up with a cringeworthy introduction that loudly blares Usher’s Yeah, which, as you can imagine, is perhaps the most embarrassing thing that can even happen to a person in public. The interface is barely an interface at all; it’s more like a menu of the nine things you can do with the phone. The screen is so small it’s barely legible, and the buttons on the keypad are weirdly laid out.


But, considering that this is a phone that costs just Rs 1,049 and isn’t even really meant to be a phone, all of this is forgivable. At the center, the Chilli K188 has the ball-bearing construction that makes it a fidget spinner. Unlike some of the three and four-point fidget spinners around, this is naturally a two-pointed one, with the screen being point one and the keypad being point two. As a fidget spinner, it’s fairly smooth and capable. I particularly enjoyed the one time I placed a call on the device, hung up, and then coolly spun the phone around before placing it back into my pocket. Unfortunately, no one was recording me, so it all went to waste.

Should you buy the Chilli K188 Fidget Spinner phone?

Umm… this is a hard one to answer. If you’re already using a smartphone, and by that I mean literally any smartphone, the answer is no. The Chilli K188 might be interesting but it isn’t a practical phone by any means. If you want to use it as a second phone for only calls, and wouldn’t mind a fidget spinner on board, then by all means go ahead and get one. It’s affordable enough to buy as a toy for your kids, or as a quirky gift for anyone, particularly with the coming festive season.

  • Published Date: October 12, 2017 11:59 AM IST