Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale Review: Telling you your weight, but smartly

You would think that you couldn’t add smarts to a weighing scale, but Xiaomi is out to do just that with the Mi Body Composition Scale.

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Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 4.5 5
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  • The Mi Body Composition Scale is priced at Rs 1,999.

  • Apart from your weight, it'll also tell you other information about your body composition, directly on your smartphone app.

  • The scale has a digital display and runs on four AAA batteries.

Social and civilized life now dictates that we be smarter people with smarter gadgets. Because of this, there are now connected versions of various ordinary things. This includes app-connected light bulbs, air purifiers that you can turn on with your phone, speakers that you talk to and more. With such widespread innovation, the good old weighing scale didn’t get spared.

Modern life has also turned a lot of us into couch potatoes. Obesity is a global phenomenon. With lifestyle conditions such as diabetes and hypertension growing at an alarming rate, we need to track our life closely. The rise in health and fitness trackers being sold in the market these days are a result of growing consumer need. One metric that is closely watched by doctors and nutritionists is body weight, which is also a quantity that wearables can’t track for obvious reasons, rendering most fitness tracking apps incomplete. With its latest product, Xiaomi wants to change that. Last month, Xiaomi opened its first experience store in India, where it showcases a bunch of its ecosystem products.

What a smart weighing scale feels like

A couple of weeks after opening its experience store, Xiaomi introduced its latest ecosystem product to India – the Mi Body Composition Scale. Priced at Rs 1,999, the device is, at heart, a digital weighing scale. It does of course need batteries to run, since it requires power for the LED screen and to communicate with its companion app on your smartphone. It’s designed to be sleek and easy to use; it turns on automatically when it detects that you’re standing on it, and turns off once you’re done. You get a digital reading of your weight in kilograms, along with additional information in the form of a bar that you can translate using the app.

The scale uses Bluetooth low-energy profile to stay connect to your smartphone, and functions using the Mi Fit app. Pairing is incredibly simple; you let the app on your smartphone know that you intend to pair the scale, and then step on it to activate it. Pairing is immediate and the scale instantly detects and creates a profile for you. Other users of the scale will also have their own profiles created, with the system able to store up to 16 individual profiles.

While you can of course use the scale entirely on its own without the app, this kind of usage will only give you the most basic data – your weight. If you keep the app running when you step onto the scale, you’ll also get access to a handful of additional data that gives the scale its name; you’re getting detailed statistics about your body composition.

This will also help you track changes over time, since the app logs data and compares it against previously-logged information gathered by the scale. The scale even assigns you a body score, which is the system’s way of telling you how healthy you are and what you need to work on to get healthier.

When setting up the app, I did feed in some preliminary data, including my current weight, height, age and gender. With that in place, the scale was then able to use additional data to determine my body score and other data. This includes body mass index, body fat ratio, water percentage, visceral fat, muscle weight, basal metabolism and bone mass. As you can see from the charts, the information is detailed, and I can also attest to its accuracy. I’m a bit overweight, and the Xiaomi Mi body composition scale says it like it is.

The app is also capable of doing a lot more such as activity tracking and working with other paired Xiaomi fitness devices such as the Mi Band HRX Edition. However, even if the only connected device you use is the Mi body composition scale and your primary smartphone isn’t a Xiaomi device, the app and system will work just fine.


In conclusion, to answer the question – yes, having a smart scale helps you tremendously, particularly if you take your health seriously. Apart from telling you your weight in exact numbers accurate to one-tenth of a kilogram, there’s a lot more on offer in terms of information. And while it might be unreasonable to expect the tiny display on the scale itself to tell you all of those things, that’s what Bluetooth connectivity and the smartphone app are for.

At Rs 1,999, the Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale may seem a bit expensive for a weighing scale. But after a few days of use and the insight it gave, I found it more than worth the price. If you need to buy a weighing scale, make sure it’s this one. There’s a lot of information on offer, and Rs 1,999 is a small price to pay considering the tech that’s gone into this nifty device.

  • Published Date: March 20, 2018 9:32 AM IST