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Instagram Reels

New apps are being launched after India banned TikTok. Big companies are trying their hand on bringing apps just like TikTok. Meanwhile, Instagram has also launched Reels for Indian users. For more latest updates on Instagram Reels, check out BGR India. As an alternative to TikTok, company is preparing to launch the Reels platform in India. On this platform, short videos can be created and edited like TikTok. Users can share these small videos on Stories as well as send it directly to a friend. Instagram has started testing the reel in India after which it is believed that this service can be launched in India soon. Tittok was a separate platform for video making, while Reel feature is present inside Instagram. Check out latest news and updates on BGR India. After the ban on TikTok by the government, the popularity of many Indian apps has increased significantly. According to company, users can record 15 seconds of video, make loop video clips under Reel. Music of your choice and different clips can also be added to it. Talking about TikTok, it has been completely banned and blocked in India. You can neither download it from Google Play Store and App Store, nor can use it in the phone. For more Instagram Reels updates, explore BGR India.