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Guide to Camera Settings & Functions

Previous videos in the series have already discussed getting started with photography and some advanced techniques while capturing images. Let's check out the third video that digs deeper.

Staff   |    Published: May 28, 2020 9:55 PM IST

The first video of the series helped you understand the basics of photography including how to get started. The second video continued the journey while discussing advanced techniques of photography. This includes working with the manual mode including the exposure triangle to craft better mages. The third video talks about the different camera settings that one can change to improve their images. These settings include the RAW or JPEG file format. It also talks about shutter priority, aperture priority, program mode, and more.  Bharti also talks about different auto-focus modes, drive and metering modes available in a DSLR camera. He also tries to simplify the camera terminology to ensure that camera owners across different brands understand the functions.

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