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How does object recognition on the Moto X4 work?

The Moto X4 comes with object recognition, which can use the camera to correctly identify objects and give you search results. Here's a quick video on how it works.

Staff   |    Published: January 31, 2018 12:19 PM IST

It’s fairly easy for us to recommend a good smartphone for every price segment above Rs 30,000, as well as below Rs 15,000. However, the space between Rs 15,000 and Rs 30,000 is surprisingly sparse of good options that we’re happy to recommend to our readers. This perhaps has something to do with the way the smartphone space has evolved over the last couple of years. You get capable budget smartphones, solid flagship killers, and top-notch flagship devices across the board. This makes it hard to justify something that is above the budget space, and below the flagship killer space.

However, there’s a large section of buyers that want exactly that. They’re willing to spend a bit more than a frugal amount of money, but not too much. They want smartphones that have an edge over typical budget devices, without having to break the bank. Lenovo-owned Motorola launched its re-imagined and re-positioned Moto X4 and Moto Z2 Play to cater to this very space last year.

While the Moto Z2 Play has the advantage of its modular design and capabilities, the Moto X4 wasn’t quite as successful and didn’t generate as much attention for Moto as its more affordable G-range. It sits in an odd space, and we didn’t think it offered enough to justify the premium over the Moto G5S Plus. However, the Moto X4 now gets a new variant, that perhaps has given it that edge that makes it worth the price. With more RAM and updated software under the hood, we take a look at the new Rs 24,999 Moto X4 with 6GB RAM.

Object recognition through the camera is not a new feature on this variant of the Moto X4, and has indeed been present even on the earlier variants of the phone. Think of it as similar to Google Lens, a feature that you can only find on Google Pixel devices right now. Motorola’s object recognition works through the camera app – a small blue box icon on screen will capture whatever is on-screen, scan the object and give you relevant search results through Google search. For more, watch the video!