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How to add music in picture or video of Instagram story- Watch the video

Here is how you can add music to your Instagram story, follow the steps.

Prabjot Kaur   |    Updated: July 5, 2022 4:21 PM IST

People are liking to add music on their Instagram story not only on picture but also add music on their Instagram story video, Which is a new trend. There are few Steps for how to add music to Instagram story, Please follow the steps mentioned in the video or follow the steps below:-

Step 1- Open your instagram on your Android and iphone.
Step2 – After open your instagram, Swipe right
Step 3- Choose a picture or click the current picture
Step 4- Choose the second smiley sort of option on the top right corner
Step 5- Select Music, Scroll down to the latest music or you browse in the search button as well
Step 6- Click to add the music on the story
Step 7- Click on the right arrow, Select done and your story is posted on the Instagram.