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HP Multijet Fusion 3D Printer Preview | Industrial-grade 3D printer

The HP Multijet Fusion 3D Printer costs a mammoth Rs 2.5 crore onwards!

Staff   |    Published: January 29, 2018 10:39 AM IST

3D printing isn’t a new technology, and has indeed been around for some years now. In India, the technology has been pioneered by Mumbai-based Imaginarium. The company has its roots in the field of jewellery manufacturing, but is today an all-round additive manufacturer with expertise in jewellery, medical, engineering and more. While other manufacturing companies might rely on typical subtractive methods of manufacturing, Imaginarium uses additive methods of manufacturing. This means that shaping of the manufactured product is done by adding as much material as is needed, rather than taking a block and cutting out the un-needed parts.

Imaginarium has now introduced one of the latest and most advanced 3D printers in India, the HP Multijet Fusion 3D Printing System. The device is made up of multiple components, with separate machines for 3D printing and post-processing. The new printer is capable of faster mass-production printing, allowing the manufacturer to quickly produce many more components in the same amount of time. Additionally, the separate post-processing unit for cool-down and separation ensures that the printer itself can keep running 24 hours a day, for better productivity.

This is done by spraying a fusing agent to selectively melt the powder and then spraying a detailing agent to control the resolution. A heat source is later applied to form the object. The HP Multijet Fusion 3D Printer is efficient as it prints in voxels. This means entire layers can printed faster as compared to other 3D printing technologies. The HP Multijet Fusion costs a mammoth Rs 2.5 crore onwards, and is obviously for industrial-grade commercial 3D printing needs, rather than simple projects at home or in universities.

Here’s our video on Imaginarium’s latest 3D printer, the Rs 2.5 crore HP Multijet Fusion!