Want To Separate Vocals And Music From A Song ? Here Is How You Can Do It

If you are willing to make a backing track for a song by removing voice and music, then here's a step-by-step guide video for you. [videourl url="" mp4url="https://vodakm.zeenews.com/vod/BGR/How_to_Separate_Voice_and_Music_Out_of_a_Song_English.mp4/How_to_Separate_Voice_and_Music_Out_of_a_Song_English.mp4" thumb="" duration="135" mediaid=""]

Dharmik Patel   |    September 20, 2021 12:54 PM

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Steps to separate vocals and music from a song : Are you willing to produce an instrumental version of a song by removing the voice and music from it or maybe producing a backing track of a song? Well, if that's the case, here is a video for you that will give you a step by step guide on how to separate music and voice from a song. Take a look.

How to separate vocals and music from a song Steps to remove voice and music from a song

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