comscore Here are the top earbuds with ANC you can buy under Rs 10 000


Top 5 Earbuds with active noise cancellation you can buy under Rs 10,000

If you are looking to buy a good pair of TWS earbud that offer active noise cancellation feature and that too under Rs 10,000, you need to see these options

Dharmik Patel   |    Published: March 5, 2021 11:06 AM IST

Almost a year ago we did the ‘Best truly wireless earbuds’ compilation on our channel and it was due for an update. Within a year, there’s been so much progress in the TWS earphones market that you now get ANC in earbuds below Rs. 10,000. So if you are looking for a new pair of wireless earbuds and seek the fancy Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) system, you can check out our top picks that don’t break the bank.