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Use these 5 Smart Gadgets and Convert your Ordinary Home into A Smart Home

If you are willing to convert your ordinary home into a smart home, here are the top 5 gadgets to make it simple for you. Watch the video to know details.

Prabjot Kaur   |    Updated: July 4, 2022 11:39 PM IST

Want to convert your ordinary home into smart home and that too in just using 5 smart products this video is for you.

In this video I will give you a list of 5 Smart gadgets/ products that will help you in converting your ordinary simple home into a smart home.

  1. Smart speaker: Well first invest in a smart speaker there are a lot of smart speakers available like Amazon’s Alexa, google Assistant, Apple Homepod. These will help you not just in listening to music but also help in a lot of other ways by switching on your home appliances It is also important that you decide on a place for the speaker in your house that is accessible to you from the bed or kitchen. These will help you set alarms, catch up on news, or even call friends with simple voice commands.
  2. Smart plugs: Smart plugs have not been very familiar with a lot of users but with correct knowledge it can be useful in soo many ways. First you need to know the correct ampere before buying the product. These can save energy and even time if you’re feeling lazy. These are extremely useful if you’ve put your phone on charge at night. You can even manage lamps that are away from bed.
  3. Smart Bulbs: This one incredible innovation works really well for people who like their lights according to their mood and atmosphere. With just one click it can go from warm to bright ambiance. And for that matter you don’t even need to do any extra effort by just lying down with your phone or with the smart speaker connectivity switch on/ off, change the intensity by just one click or voice command.
  4. Smart Camera: From your house security to keep a check on your loved ones when you far away, smart cameras have been a blessing in our lives. Over the years, security cams have become smarter. Now, security cameras come in all shapes and sizes, and some even have mics. So, if you want an indoor camera, make sure you have a microphone that allows you to interact with your pets, loved ones or kids when you are away from home.
  5. Smart TV Sticks: Thinking of upgrading your flat-screen TV but don’t want to splurge on a new expensive model, there’s a neat solution. There are smart TV sticks from Amazon, Realme, and Xiaomi. All you need to ensure is that the TV has an HDMI port. In short, you can enjoy smart TV features by simply spending Rs 4,000 or so. Another thing to remember is that smart TV sticks also run on power like smart speakers, so ensure that there are enough power points for connections.

So these were some basic 5 products that you can invest in and go from ordinary simple to a full fledged smart home. But remember to run these smart products you need to have a strong Wifi Connection only then these will run smoothly and will give you an Amazing smart home experience.