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Nokia 7 plus First Look

Here's our first look at the new Rs 25,999 Nokia 7 plus, the latest mid-range smartphone from HMD Global and Nokia!

Staff   |    Published: April 12, 2018 2:18 PM IST

A lot of people were sad to see Nokia disappear into oblivion, particularly after the company’s acquisition by Microsoft forced it onto an operating system that few cared for. Subsequent years saw Android and iOS emerge as the two leading smartphone platforms, and we all wondered what could have happened if Nokia had chosen correctly from the start, and gone the Android way.

2017 saw a resurrected Nokia, under new management, but following the same philosophies as before. A handful of former Nokia executives from Finland got together to form HMD Global, which joined hands with Taiwanese manufacturing giant Foxconn to bring the brand back to life. Today, Nokia is off to a slow but steady start, and has a small portfolio of new smartphones running on the Android operating system. The range of phones are available in various budgets, from the affordable Nokia 1 to the premium Nokia 8 Sirocco.

Nokia’s classic design language was focused on different things, considering that phones were different in those days. However, there was a definite push towards making the phones feel great, and also come across as stronger than their price tags would suggest. Fortunately, this new Nokia has kept that philosophy, if not the very styling and build cues themselves. These new Nokia smartphones are built well and do borrow some of the design language from the premium Nokia phones of the old days.

Sitting roughly in the middle of the price range is the new Nokia 7 Plus. Priced at Rs 25,999, the smartphone hopes to offer enough value for users to consider it in the under-tapped Rs 20,000-30,000 price category. While the price might seem high for a mid-range smartphone, you do get a lot in the form of features and design. We explore everything about the Nokia 7 Plus in our first impressions video!