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Vu Quantum Pixelight LED TV First Look

Here's our first look at Vu's most advanced and premium TV to date, the Quantum Pixelight LED TV!

Staff   |    Published: February 7, 2018 4:53 PM IST

Indian-American TV maker Vu has been making headlines in recent years with its range of TVs. The company, spearheaded by Devita Sarraf, has its roots in the PC business in India, when Zenith Computers were manufactured and sold all over the country. Today, Vu has gained a fair amount of attention among TV buyers, thanks to its affordable TVs that are priced competitively and let buyers have large-screen TVs at affordable prices. The Vu range also takes advantage of various features and functionality, including smart connectivity, 4K resolution and more.

The latest in Vu’s range of TVs is the Quantum Pixelight LED TV. Using the similar technology to Samsung’s Quantum Dot tech for TVs, the TVs have a Quantum Pixelight optical layer that improves the quality of color, brightness and contrast on the TV. Additionally, the new TVs also come with HDR capability, for enhanced colors across the range.

The Vu Quantum Pixelight LED TV is available in two size options, with the smaller 65-inch variant priced at Rs 2,60,000, and the larger 75-inch variant priced at Rs 4,00,000. The TVs offer a significant advantage over similarly priced options from Samsung, LG and Sony, thanks to larger screens and better features built into the TV. The larger 75-inch Vu TV also features a built-in upward firing soundbar with six speaker drivers. Additionally, you also get a Linux-based smart user interface that focuses on content-based apps, including YouTube, Netflix and more. The remote on the TV comes with quick access buttons for the two streaming services as well.

We take a quick look at the new Vu Quantum Pixelight LED TV in our video.