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Xiaomi Redmi 5A First Look

Here's our first look at the Xiaomi Redmi 5A, the latest budget phone from the Chinese smartphone maverick.

Staff   |    Updated: January 21, 2018 2:22 PM IST

Smartphone makers in India may employ all kinds of product and marketing strategies to win over customers, and different brands have enjoyed different kinds of success based on how they take on the market. While Samsung can credit its success to a strong dealership network, years of presence and manufacturing in India before ‘Make in India’ became a fashionable statement, Oppo and Vivo have used brute force visibility and high dealer commissions to achieve a similar level of success. Then, there’s Xiaomi.

Present in India since 2014, Xiaomi has achieved a lot in the three years since it set up operations in India. All of it has culminated in the Chinese smartphone maker becoming the leading smartphone vendor in the top 50 cities of India, thereby narrowing the gap on traditional market leader Samsung. And there’s been a unique strategy behind this success – affordability and value for money.

Despite having a much smaller offline network than the competition, Xiaomi has managed to overcome the challenges of running an online-first sales model in India to become the runaway leader in the online segment. As more and more people grow comfortable with buying online, they turn to brands like Xiaomi for the sheer value on offer.

Today, we’re taking a look at Xiaomi’s most affordable product in India – something that Xiaomi calls the ‘desh ka smartphone’. The Xiaomi Redmi 5A is the follow-up to the Redmi 4A that was launched earlier this year. Not much has changed, but the small changes will help in keeping the phone current. Thanks to its price tag of Rs 5,999, it’s aimed squarely at the masses; it’s the company’s most affordable device available today. Here’s our first look at the new phone, through a quick video.