Facebook Messenger will dedicate a calling option that will be available soon

Along with "Chats," "Stories," and "People," the new tab will emerge. Users currently have three options at the bottom of the screen: Chats, Calls, and People. On the Messenger app, a new calls tab will be added next to the video call button. Messenger will gain a separate calling button, according to Engadget. Previously, users had to launch a specific chat and then tap the call button to make a call within the Messenger app.

Published Jun 4, 2022 8:27 AM

Prabjot Kaur

According to the article, Meta has taken steps to make the Messenger app more like WhatsApp's calling and messaging service. The new calls page will also assist users in learning how to use the messaging app's calling features.

Despite the fact that many users do not use Messenger's calling feature, the company disclosed in a blog post that audio and video calling has grown by 40% on Messenger since early 2020. Messenger received all of WhatsApp's features earlier in 2021, including stickers, message-specific replies, forwarding, and message reactions, and others.

Last year, Messenger introduced end-to-end encryption. "We disclosed last year that we were testing end-to-end encryption for group conversations, including voice and video calls." This feature is now available to everyone, which we are really thrilled about. In a blog post, Messenger added, "You can now choose to interact with your friends and family in a private and safe way."

Messenger also received a important update that alerts users when a screenshot of their chat is taken in vanish mode. The feature was just added to the app for end-to-end encrypted chats. In other news, Meta has improved its 3D avatars for Facebook and Messenger, as well as Instagram Stories and DMs. Users will be able to use these avatars as their virtual self across apps via stickers, feed posts, and Facebook profile pictures, among other things.