WhatsApp's upcoming undo button will allow you to recover accidentally deleted chats

WhatsApp's upcoming list of features will growth improved your chat app experience. WhatsApp is currently developing a new solution to recover deleted messages.

June 6, 2022 10:29 AM

Prabjot Kaur

Users can remove messages in the current setup. Not only will they be able to erase messages from their chat box, but they will also be able to delete the messages that have already been sent. However, sometimes in a hurry, we hit "delete for me" instead of "delete for everyone," and we end up in a soup. The new undo button in WhatsApp will allow you to retrieve a chat that you erased using the "delete for me" option.

According to WAbetainfo, a website that keeps track of all the newest WhatsApp news, WhatsApp is aiming to include an undo button shortly. As shown in the screenshot, if a user selects the "delete for me" option, WhatsApp presents a pop-up asking if the user wishes to undo their action. In chat apps like Telegram, the undo option is already present. WhatsApp's format is likely to be similar to Telegram's. As a result, a user will only have a few minutes or seconds to fix their acts.

WhatsApp has several new features planned for its users. The messaging software has been found working on an edit button that would allow users to edit messages after they have been sent. WhatsApp also was seen developing a new desktop chat filter. The new capability was discovered in WhatsApp Desktop Beta users running version 2.2221.1, according to the website. When you use the filter, WhatsApp will conceal all of the chats you've already read and just show the ones you haven't yet accessed. You can use a button to clear the filter and return to the original view. once you've read all of the unread chats.