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Apple iPhone X Review

Here's our video review of the Rs 89,000 Apple iPhone X!

Staff   |    Updated: January 21, 2018 2:18 PM IST

The Apple iPhone X was launched in November 2017, and quickly established itself as the most desirable iPhone ever. With a bezel-less design, the 10th anniversary iPhone also did away with Touch ID and replaced it with Face ID. We’ve reviewed the Apple iPhone X and you can also now watch our comprehensive video review of the smartphone.

Ever since we used the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus, we’ve been waiting for the iPhone X. We had our first impressions of the iPhone X a couple of weeks ago. While it described the initial awe that hovered around the device, this is our review of the best iPhone of 2017 after using it for much of November. To set it in context, the iPhone X was launched in India and the US on the same day. Well it was announced at the same event at the Steve Jobs Theater, but availability was on the same day. And that’s a big deal.

Introducing the latest iPhone

If you’ve been following Apple iPhone announcements, you’d know the peculiar messaging. The best iPhone, an iPhone’s an iPhone, and other such phrases to describe Cupertino’s flagship smartphones. I’ve repeated this in my past reviews of the iPhone as well. It’s all about the experience. In a spec-to-spec comparison, by all means, a competing flagship may win hands-down. But the fact is, the iPhone consumer experience lasts better, and for longer. And that’s been the case for a good ten years.

The device stands for ten years of device dominance. It’s a phenomenal achievement for a tech company. Despite not really gaining market leader position through the past decade, it’s managed to check the perception and aspiration boxes every year since 2007. Ten years ago, Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the phone that changed the destiny of BlackBerry and Nokia. And if you followed the launch of the first iPhone, you’d agree it wasn’t anything less than transformational. It only makes sense to expect nothing short of a repeat. What better way to mark the first decade? If you’re wondering whether the iPhone X manages to do that, watch our video.