Google pixel 6a Review: Is It Worth Buying ?? Check Out the Detailed Review Here

After a 2 years long wait Google finally launched Google Pixel 6A in India one of the excellent devices with a slightly higher price tag.

Published Aug 13, 2022 7:20 AM

Prabjot Kaur

Google Pixel 6a: The Dual tone back design is pretty impressive and the white colour that I have with me looks pretty decent and good while using the device and catches a lot of attention, one of the attention seekers I must say in the market but in a really smart way. The phone feels quite fresh barring the bulkier camera bumps all the other phones are coming with this pretty little smarty stands out beautifully and boldly in the crowd. Now the back comes with 2 Camera lenses in sleek black panel. The glossy shiny back is something that's gonna bother the users because youll have to keep cleaning it everytime since it will get all the smudges and fingerprints. The size of the phone is apt you can hold the phone pretty firmly the gripping is quite impressive. Coming to the display well its got 6.1 inch flat OLED screen comes with 60HZ of refresh rate which was not something that I was impressed with because in this price bracket all the other smartphones are coming with higher refresh rates and this one lacks that. Everything on display is perfect for the price until we notice the slow 60Hz refresh rate. While Google might have its reasoning for going with a slow refresh rate display, considering the smartphone options in the same price segment, it makes the Pixel 6a look like an out-of-league phone. Performance: Well the Pixel 6a gives pretty decent performance because of the company's inhouse tensor chip. In terms of the tasks thrown on the phone, I must say that The Pixel 6a can handle mostly everything easily- browsing, multimedia, multiple apps in the background, and even casual gaming. Moreover, thanks to the Google Tensor chip, the Pixel 6a makes apps launch faster than ever, webpages and images load quickly, and everything runs smoothly on the screen. Battery: In terms of battery well The Pixel 6a offers a 4,410mAh cell (smaller than its predecessor) with 18W wired charging through the USB-C 3.1 gen 1 port and supports no wireless charging. Google has tweaked a few things around in software on the Pixel 6a, and the phone can manage up to 6 hours of screen-on time on a daily basis. This means you may get through a day with a single full charge.