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OnePlus 5T Review

Here's our video review of the OnePlus 5T!

Staff   |    Updated: January 21, 2018 2:10 PM IST

If there’s one thing that Apple has perfected, it is the idea of the flagship-only smartphone range. No other brand does it better. Apple has typically stuck to having only one flagship product sitting at the top, with its former flagships making up the lower end of the range. The company’s marketing follows the same drive. Sure, you can buy an iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S, but what you really want is the iPhone X, and you know it.

Most Android smartphone makers take a different approach to product planning and sales. Samsung will be able to sell you a phone in practically every price segment, while manufacturers such as Xiaomi and Micromax choose to focus on budget devices which attract buyers in larger volumes. There are a couple of major brands that come to mind when you think of the flagship-first approach Android: Google and OnePlus.

While Google’s Pixel line-up is a direct competitor of Apple on approach and price, OnePlus does things a bit differently. The Chinese company positions itself as a ‘flagship killer’ – you get the capabilities of a flagship device, without the arguably exorbitant pricing. Taking the philosophy forward is OnePlus’ seventh phone – the OnePlus 5T. It’s the mid-cycle successor to the OnePlus 5, and a device that some might argue has come too soon. But more on that later – for now, let’s dive into our review.

We’ve spoken extensively on the OnePlus 5 both in our initial review as well as the long-term review. This is important, because the OnePlus 5T is a lot like the OnePlus 5. It’s powered by much of the same hardware, with only small changes in the software. Remember, it’s a ‘T’ device that’s come just five months after the OnePlus 5, and there’s not much that has changed in the world of smartphones since then. Let’s take a look at the review of the OnePlus 5T!