Realme Band Review + Giveaway: Is this the best budget fitness tracker in India?

Realme Band is the first fitness tracker from Realme but it does not look like a first generation product. Does that qualify as a win over Xiaomi and Honor? Watch our review to find out.

Staff   |    March 13, 2020 1:30 PM

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After teasing the wearable for several weeks, Realme has finally launched its fitness tracker. Called Realme Band, the first fitness tracker from Realme is more of a lifestyle device than fitness device. It brings a color display, three different strap options, week long battery life and Rs 1,499 price tag. However, did Realme cut corners to reach the price and offer these features? Is it better than Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and Honor 5i? Here is our review.

Honor Band 5i Realme Realme Band Xiaomi Mi Band 3

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